Five Insider Secrets on Saving Money on Hospital Supplies

Are you interested in saving at least 40-50% on medical equipment and supplies for your hospital? The answer’s surely a resounding YES. It’s about the timing of the purchase and scheduling a visit to the hospital supplies in the UAE providers. Slashing the cost of medical supplies in the UAE is possible – we have some insider secrets for this!


Read this quick post as we will unravel the five insider secrets of saving money on hospital supplies and equipment. Take a quick look!




  1. Choosing the Best Time to Purchase Hospital Supplies and Equipment


Timing is the most important part of slashing the cost of medical supplies and equipment. You must choose the right time to approach the provider. For example, the end of the year is the best time because suppliers wish to clear their inventory, so they may provide heavy discounts starting from mid-December.


The end of the quarter is also a good time because sales managers are looking at hitting quarterly sales. You must contact the supplier during March, September, or June (preferably at the end of these three months).


Feel free to take advantage of special events and holidays too. Companies may have some promotional offers that you can make good use of.


  1. How about getting refurbished equipment?


Refurbished equipment can help you save more than 50% of the market price. Refurbished medical equipment is so well-preserved that you feel like it’s brand-new equipment.


Beware of providers that give you used equipment and do not refurbish it. You need to stay miles away from such deals. Refurbished medical equipment is packed properly, cleaned, painted, and tested by professionals in the medical field.


  1. Ask for Overstock Items


Try to find out if the supplier has any overstock items. They may not put it on sale but usually sell it off to hospitals when the fiscal year ends, and they need to clear out the inventory.


You might even find these items when the suppliers hold an auction. Take advantage of this auction and buy the items you need.


  1. Purchasing Hospital Equipment and Supplies in Bulk


If you want to save money, it’s best to purchase hospital supplies and equipment in bulk. This way, you will be able to save a lot of money. From small hospital items to larger ones – you can purchase everything in bulk because hospitals should never run out of supplies. Hundreds and thousands of patients walk in daily – you should be ready to cater to them.


Large price reductions are always there, so feel free to take advantage of the offer. You will also be able to ask for free accessories and other perks with the bulk offer.


  1. Avoid Calling Different Sales Person from the Same Company


You should not call the supplier multiple times. Request a quotation once and then move on to the next supplier. You should not try to bargain too much. Suppliers also want to crack the deal so they might get back to you with a suitable quotation for the supplies and equipment.


Let them know the quantity and that you will need the supplies and equipment repeatedly in the future. This way, they would want to do business with you and get back with the best pricing.



Summing up


The above tips will help you save on costs so you can buy the necessary equipment and supplies.


Here’s another quick tip: you can become a member of a healthcare supplier program and reap the benefits. You will get access to high-quality medical supplies at a discounted rate. Would you be interested in that?


Be wise and persistent. You will get the best rate for sure!Picture1

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