Five Misconceptions About Air Purifier in India

Air purifiers have turned out to be a common appliance in every household owing to its effectiveness in battling indoor air pollution and the increasing awareness among people about contaminated air inside homes. There are different types of air purifiers with different types of filters. Even though air purifier in India is getting popular, many people are still hesitant to buy it because of the misconceptions they have regarding it. Let’s burst the bubbles of some common misconceptions and let you know the reality about air purifiers:


Misconception 1- All the doors and windows should be closed if you are using an air purifier.

Reality- It is not compulsory to keep all the doors and windows closed at all times. If you are cooking and there is an excessive amount of smoke, then you can keep the doors and window open.


Misconception 2- Cleaning the filter of the purifier is sufficient to get rid of the dust and other pollutants.

Reality-The outside surface of the air purifiers will clean only the large particles like pet hairs, but the smaller dust (like pollen, fine hair strands etc), which is trapped in the filter can only be cleansed by changing the filter. If you have high allergy issues or you live in an area with excessive pollution (close to industries or busy roads), then it is advisable to change the filter frequently.


Misconception 3- Using an air purifier at home will gradually reduce my immunity to pollution outside.

Reality- This is one of the common myths among people, which is not at all true. If you are using a room air purifier, it does not mean that the immunity will decrease. It will only prevent you from getting exposed to the high level of pollutants present in the air. Clean air will prevent you from a lot of diseases. It is just a way to protect yourselves and it has nothing to do with your immunity.


Misconception 4- It is not necessary to buy an indoor air purifier because maximum pollution is outside in the environment.

Reality- It is a common belief that the air inside our home is clean and has fewer pollutants in the atmosphere, but it is just the opposite. The air inside our house is five times more dangerous than the air outside. Daily activities like cooking, brooming, pets etc. are also a source of air pollution. The outside air is high in smoke, which can enter inside even if you have closed all the doors and windows. So, it is certainly essential to invest in an air purifier in India to safeguard yourself from excessive air pollution.


Misconception 5- Rooms that have ACs don’t require air purifiers.

Reality- The prime function of an AC is to regulate the temperature inside the room and not to purify the air inside the room. So, don’t confuse the function of a purifier with AC. ACs are not efficient in removing the contaminants from the air around. You will require a purifier for this purpose.


Now that we have debunked the common misconceptions about room air purifiers, we hope you have got the facts right and understand the importance of this wonderful appliance.

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