Five Points to Consider When Planning a Barn Wedding

Barn weddings are at their best when the days are longer, and spring gives way to summer. Barn wedding venues frequently have scenic settings and charming interiors that make for the ideal setting. This article will discuss the potential difficulties couples may encounter when planning a barn wedding venue in Central Alberta.

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Choosing a barn with a “getting ready” space

We always ask our couples if they have considered where they will get ready when planning barn weddings. While many traditional barn settings lack getting-ready rooms, you want to ensure amazing feature spaces for both wedding parties. Make sure to enquire about additional facilities for wedding day preparations before making a reservation. If on-site lodging is not a possibility, be sure to inquire about nearby lodging choices. It will be a crucial logistical factor for couples considering changing their wedding day attire.

Hidden cost

Dry-hire barn weddings typically cost more since they could not have the standard amenities that other types of venues typically offer. When choosing a conventional barn site, portable restrooms, kitchen space for your catering staff, and indoor heating or air conditioning will all need to be considered.

In dry hire barns, you will probably have a blank canvas to deal with, which is an exciting concept. However, in addition to the decor, you may need to think about hiring in extra goods like tables, chairs, linen, cutlery, glassware, and crockery. As these extras pile up, what might seem reasonable within the constraints of your wedding budget may suddenly spiral out of control. Ask for a detailed analysis of what is included in the cost, and look into some of the fundamental amenities you might need to source separately.

The “British weather” option

In case of weather, be sure your barn provides a separate indoor ceremony alternative. An indoor ceremony followed by an outdoor cocktail reception is the wet option if it rains. Setting up a marquee or stretch tent next to the barn would be a terrific alternative to allow guests to enjoy the drinks reception indoors.


If you live in a rural area, find out if there are local regulations on household noise. If you’re in a field or adjacent to a farm, find out how noisy the tractors, farm machinery, and animals are nearby. On a working farm, any of these disturbances may be very serious.

Guest journey

It also applies to extra amenities like portable restrooms so visitors can navigate safely. If guests must travel via isolated country lanes to get to and from your barn wedding venue in Central Alberta, think about providing transportation in the form of a coach or minibus.

Final thought

With the appropriate knowledge, you may confidently move forward with your day’s preparations. You may want to contact to Sweet Haven Barn if you are looking for an authentic barn wedding venue in Central Alberta.

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