Five Steps Involved in Commercial Construction Design and Build

Have you been ever involved in the construction of a commercial building? Is it your first time constructing a commercial building for your business? If so, you might agree that this is the next big step for your business. But you might also agree that building a commercial building is a tough task. It is not just about hiring a professional and experienced commercial construction design contractor, but it is more than that! There are numerous steps involved in the construction of a commercial building. Here are five steps that are involved in such a massive construction.

Planning: This includes finding a location to build your commercial building. This can easy or frustrating depending on your requirements. But if you find a location, it would be wise to bring a professional design-build construction contractor on board.

Design: This includes creating a basic schematic of the building that has details such as how many floors and rooms the building will have. It also includes the size of every room. The design step also involves construction bidding, the feasibility of the project, and finalizing construction drawings and documentation.

Pre-Construction: This step involves fulfilling all the requirements for building permits and insurance. This also includes assembling a team that will work on the project and sees it through.

Procurement: This step includes procuring the materials needed for constructing the commercial building. You need to place a purchase order for different materials. However, if you hire a design-build contractor they will be able to procure everything needed for the construction.

Construction: Now, the construction of the building will begin which will be followed by post-construction cleanup.

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Primus is amongst the largest commercial design-build contractors that are known to provide construction services such as cold storage warehouse design and more.

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