Five Tips for Optimizing Pizza Delivery

If you have a pizza delivery business or restaurant, you might need to handle customer orders and expand your customer base. Sometimes it’s hard to maintain the operations of delivery. If you follow some best practices, it can help to make pizza delivery more smooth and effective.




1. Improve Your Point of Sale System

If you want an efficient delivery process, ensure you have an upgraded point of sale system to support delivery. Moreover, prepare your POS station to manage orders. Set up a dedicated phone and order-taking area that is out of sight and out of earshot from dine-in customers so you can hear orders clearly and don’t disrupt anyone eating in the restaurant.

Your POS system should be ready to give you lots of useful order completion information like late vs. on-time deliveries, time spent on the road, and time to get an order out the door. Utilize these important metrics to improve your delivery method, as well as set individual customer expectations concerning delivery times. By investigating these metrics on a regular basis, you’ll always be improving.

2. Concentrate on the Packaging

When you purchase packaging for your pizza (i.e. GRP boxes, Pizza delivery bags, etc.), don’t be influenced by aesthetics. Ensure your pizza packaging can correctly protect, ventilate, and support your pizzas. Also, make sure that a proper heating system is integrated with those delivery bags. If you are using scooter boxes, then properly set up with bikes/scooter is important.

3. Create a Business App

Designing your own order mobile app is necessary for maintaining a constant delivery business, particularly when it comes to giving younger customers who depend on these types of technologies for food ordering.

4. Compile Your Own Delivery Formation

While it might be less pricey upfront to have your drivers drive their own cars for delivery, the insurance cost and responsibility of securing those vehicles normally do not deserve it in the long run. If a business chooses drivers who drive their own cars, they must take non-own auto insurance, which is very expensive and has very low payout limits — thus placing businesses at risk and leaving operators helpless.

5. Check Twice, Cut Once!

Unlike order mix-ups in the dining room that can be sent back to the kitchen and fixed right away, there’s really no good way to remedy an incorrect delivery order. Before they leave, delivery drivers need to double check all orders for accuracy, including drinks, side items, and sauces. Verifying that they have enough change is a good practice, too. Drivers can even go the extra mile for your customers by bringing hospitality mints, Parmesan cheese, and red pepper packets, or paper plates and napkins for hotel orders.

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