Five Tips to Look Great in a Women’s Graphic Print T-Shirts

Getting dressed may take only a couple of minutes for men, but women spend more than double the time. Mostly it’s because we want to be ‘perfect’ from head to foot, everything must match-blouse, skirt, bags, accessories. Any hint of disharmony will only lengthen the process. That is why Women’s graphic print t-shirts are a wardrobe essential that every woman should have.

A graphic print t-shirt go well with practically anything from a formal pencil cut skirt to faded jeans. You can add an accessory to match your look. If you’re going for a business interview, for example, tucking the shirt in or adding an elegant belt will give you an excellent formal look. If you’re dressing for some casual occasion, you could quickly wear it over jeans and sneakers. This versatility is hard to find with other pieces of clothing.

However, there are some aspects that you must consider to look attractive and stylish in your Women’s graphic print t-shirt. Some factors play into this. Pay attention to these four aspects – fit, fabric, style, and function.

  • Get the right fit

Women have many different options than men when choosing the right fit. Unlike men who only have three sizes (regular, slim, and big & tall), women’s t-shirts may vary in size as well as cut so drastically that there aren’t exact names for each fit.

So when choosing a t-shirt, you must consider what will look good by how it will fit, and what it will reveal. Remember that T-shirts are meant to be casual with a relaxed look. It should always be the focus when selecting a Women’s graphic print t-shirt.

Besides, you must choose a t-shirt that compliment your body type. If you want to reveal a sexy figure, you may like to buy a slim fit. In contrast, you may like a bit loose fit if you don’t want to reveal your waistline.

“Note: you must be honest and accept the body type you are. Do not think there are standards of beauty you must abide by. Find out what works best for you and use it in your favor.”

  • Fabric

Women’s graphic print t-shirts are fabricated from various fabrics, including organic cotton, bamboo, merino, jersey, rayon, polyester etc.

However, you can pick whatever you like. Still, cotton blends are a good option. A moderate amount of elastane (stretch fibers) helps maintain your top’s shape. In contrast, cotton-polyester blends also come in at a lower price point and offer easy maintenance because they creaseless.

  • Prints and designs

The cool texts, quotes, artworks, etc., on the t-shirt fronts are what attracts you in the first place. And once you fall in love with the design, all other considerations can pale and fade away. It will also probably be the first thing anyone could notice in your graphic print t-shirt. You should always pick t-shirts with excellent quality print. Otherwise, it will fade after a few washes, and the t-shirt will start looking dull. Secondly, choose an elegant design that portrays your personality or interests creatively.

  • Function

Obviously, you will not be wearing t-shirts to formal events. But where you are wearing one, the type of occasion matters. Concerts, the local bar, beaches, and casual parties with close friends are all good occasions to dress for comfort in a Women’s graphic print t-shirt.

Moreover, T-shirts usually breathable and have high absorbency. So you can also wear them on sports occasions.

Final thoughts

The number one reason to buy a Women’s graphic t-shirt is that you can keep your style and stay comfortable at the same time. Besides, with graphic t-shirts, there is always a change in the personality through magnificent trendy designs. So don’t wait and pick one for yourself today.

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