Five Vital Factors That Aid the Growth of SPS Corals

For the majority, building a reef tank with vibrant SPS corals involves a long learning process that involves making mistakes and then learning from them while constantly broadening one’s knowledge and experience.

Careful attention to every area of coral farming is necessary to maintain SPS corals that are vibrantly coloured and in good health.

This article looks at five important factors that can help you grow beautiful SPS corals in Canada.

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Lighting for aquariums

Small polyp stony corals need strong aquarium lighting to flourish. Correctly acclimating corals to the amount of light in your aquarium is equally crucial.

For the first few weeks, it’s usual practice with new SPS corals to place the coral on the sand bed or a frag rack before gradually moving it to a location with more lighting.

Water quality

Water quality is important. Many SPS keepers have discovered that maintaining stable calcium, alkalinity, and magnesium levels together with clear water with minimal nitrate and phosphate levels will keep your SPS corals healthy.

Water must be properly filtered, including using a high-quality protein skimmer and following a regular maintenance schedule. The preferred method for balancing the key elements is calcium reactors.

Water flow

For the health of coral, water flow is crucial. It aids in photosynthesis, respiration, and gas exchange, permits food capture and waste discharge by corals, and spreads spawn to other reef regions. Strong, variable water flow inside your tank is essential for maintaining your SPS corals in Canada.

You may produce natural water flow much like nature does, with wavemakers and controllable pumps. Slow tissue necrosis (STN), which causes the coral’s flesh to decompose slowly, can result from poor water flow.

Regulating food intake

Corals that are fed grow faster, have better colouring, and can withstand stress. SPS corals use a lot of energy searching for nourishment. Simply put, because their mouths are smaller, they need smaller food particles.

Nutritional supplements

One of the most well-liked additives for SPS keepers is amino acid supplements. Dosing your aquarium with amino acids, the proteins’ building blocks, helps SPS corals develop flesh and exhibit vivid colour.

It is known that some minor and trace elements encourage various colours in SPS corals. Blue hues are said to be enhanced by potassium, red colours by boron, and green colours by iron. The corals can change colour and exhibit a variety of distinct hues by experimenting with various ratios.


Many different elements combine to produce stunning, bright SPS corals in a reef aquarium. The basic components are: comprehending water chemistry, controlling water parameters, ensuring appropriate flow and lighting, and controlling nutrients and supplements. If you wish to buy SPS corals in Canada, please get in touch with Frag Garage.

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