Five Ways to Express Gratitude Every Day

Happiness seems to come naturally for some people, or at least it appears that way because of their sunny disposition. Often, however, to cultivate feelings of happiness, we need to make an effort. How does one do this? By being grateful.

Being grateful leads to optimism and a decrease in negative thoughts. If you can actively make gratitude a daily habit, you’ll start noticing a permanent change in yourself over time. Get inspired by the following five ways to show gratitude every day.

Journal What You Are Grateful For

Buy yourself a special journal just for writing down your moments of gratefulness (big and small). Spend a few minutes on it each day or at the end of the week. Include any positive experiences you encountered throughout the day or acts of kindness you received. Did someone hold the door open for you? Did you receive a compliment? Once you get into the habit of identifying these small moments of happiness, it becomes second nature.

Lift Someone Else Up

Remember the old adage: Treat other people the way you want to be treated. If someone smiles at you, smile back! If you go to get yourself a donut in the morning, bring back donuts for your coworkers. Hold the elevator for someone. If your sister got a promotion at work, show her your support with a thoughtful card or other loving sister gifts like sculpted figures. You have the power to make someone’s day special with your kindness.

Give a Gratitude Gift

Find a little personal gift for someone that they can display and treasure, such as inspirational figurines from Willow Tree®. A gift of encouragement is an extra special way to express gratitude. The recipient will always be reminded of the positive feelings they experienced when you gave it to them.

Don’t Complain (Too Much)

We all complain about things, either out loud or to ourselves. We get annoyed for having to stand in line at the grocery store, or when we get cut off in traffic. It’s natural to balk at everyday annoyances. But try to catch yourself in the act of complaining next time and turn around your mindset when you feel yourself getting frustrated or impatient. You don’t want to reinforce a negative state of mind with complaints.

Tell Someone You Appreciate Them

If your mom or dad drove you to sports practice everyday, tell them how much you appreciated their support. Or, if your mom had dinner ready for you at night when you got home, let her know what impact that had on you. You might not have told them when you were young how much they meant to you. So be sure to show your appreciation today.

All of the above expressions of gratitude are easy to work into our daily lives. We can promote our own well-being and others’ too by simply being grateful. Another benefit of gratitude is that it creates a positive feedback loop that makes you more resistant to negativity and stress. Choose the happiness route today.

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