Fix: Extension Is Incompatible With Driver Version Error

Extension Is Incompatible

When trying to access the mouse  settings, users may encounter the “Control Panel extension is incompatible with the driver version.” This error can also appear during system startup. Read on to learn about the various ways to fix this Windows error.

Update Mouse Driver

Follow these directions:

  1. Tap the Windows button on your keyboard.
  2. In the search field type “device” and then select “Device manager.”
  3. In the Device Manager, enable “Mice and other pointing devices.”
  4. Right-tap on your device and click “Update Driver.”
  5. Click “Search automatically for updated driver software’ button.
  6. Install the pending updates of your Driver.

Rename Main.cpl

Follow these steps

  1. Launch the File Explorer.
  2. Move to the given command “C:WindowsSystem32”
  3. In the search field type “*.cpl.” and tap the Enter button on your keyboard.
  4. Find “main.cpl” and change its name to “old main.cpl”
  5. After renaming, restart your PC, and try to access the mouse settings again.

Reinstall Synaptic Driver

Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Tap the Windows + R button.
  2. In the run command-line type “control panel” and tap the “Enter” button.
  3. In the Control panel, select “Program” and then click “Program and Features.’
  4. Click “Synaptic” Driver in the installed programs.
  5. Select “Uninstall” and then select “Yes” to confirm the action.
  6. Now restart your PC, and download and install the newest version of Synaptic Driver.

After that, here is what you need to do:

  1. Tap Windows+ R hotkey to open Run.
  2. In the run search tab type “Control” and tap “OK.”
  3. In the control panel search, “Mouse.”
  4. Select “Change mouse settings.”
  5. In the mouse settings option, click the “Hardware” button.
  6. Here you need to select your mouse in the list that appears on your screen and select “Properties.”
  7. Launch the Driver button.
  8. Tap on the “Update Driver” option.
  9. Click on the “browse my PC for driver software” option.
  10. Tap on the downloaded driver button and then select “Open.”
  11. After the above process, the device will successfully install the Driver.
  12. Now check the issue for improvement.

Perform SFC

Here are the steps to follow:

In the search field type “cmd” and tap the Enter button on your keyboard.

  1. Right-tap on the Command Prompt and then click “Run as administrator.”
  2. In the run command-line type “sfc /scannow” and tap the Enter button on your keyboard.
  3. After the above steps, the system file checker will scan your device to locate and fix harmful or corrupted files.


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