Fix HP Printer General Error 0x61011bed

HP printers are the most purchased printers worldwide, as they bear both quality as well as durability. If you have an HP printer at your home or office, then there could be times when an issue is faced, and any errors are generated. For new users, these errors could be difficult to solve. And a commonly faced error is 0x61011 bed. Mostly this error occurs due to issues with the printhead and this also encountered when you align the ink cartridges of your printer.


You may encounter HP printer error 61011bed because of below reasons:

The communication media between the printer and cartridges are not functioning properly.

The printer settings have been changed.

Corrupt driver for the communication between the computer and the printer.

Solution to fix the error-

Here are some points that will apprise on how to fix HP Printer 0x61011bed

Solution 1 (Reset the Printer)

Reset your printer by these steps-

Disconnecting all the cables without turning off the printer.

Wait for approx 30 seconds

Replugging all the cables that were out, and waiting for normal an automatic turn-on

If the printer seems off (No power) then press the power button and check if the issue has been resolved or not.

Method 2 (Clean the Cartridge)

Clean your printer Cartilage by these steps-

Click on the power button to switch off same printer

Open the Cartridge cover

Take out the Cartridges slowly from its slot.

Wipe the Cartridges with a tissue paper that has been dipped in hot water.

Place a soft paper under the print head

Clean the print head by solvent solution

Now dry this printhead and cartridges with tissue paper

After drying, push the cartilages back in its slot. Insert them softly till you hear a lock sound.

Power ON the printer to see if the error has been resolved or not.

Method 3 (Reload the papers again)

In this, the papers are reloaded again. The steps are below-

a) Check papers and ensure that all are of the same size.

b) Re-align the stack of papers.

c) Keeping at least approx ten papers, and not more than 25-30 papers.

d) Insert paper stack into the printer tray and check with the printout.

Method 4 (Clean the Rollers)

The steps under this method are-

a) First, turn off the printer

b) Open access door for managing rollers

c) Clean paper pulling rubber rollers by soft cloth

d) Clean remaining roller by tissue paper

e) Turn on the printer and check with the printing activity.

Method 5 (Check Paper Settings)

Paper setting steps-

Ensure settings for tray and drivers are compatible.

Open print document

Click file icon from print options

Select properties

Choose paper type option and choose appropriate paper size from drop down dialog box

Now Click OK, following the same with the print document.

If by all the above steps, the HP printer issue is still facing, you need to get in touch with the technical experts. You should try to contact certified professionals. So get the issue resolve and enjoy printing.

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