Fix Issues When QuickBooks has Stopped Working

Frequently QuickBooks users are knocked with a situation where the QuickBooks application stops suddenly, and an omission statement arises QuickBooks has stopped working.” This is Windows-created error information that displays “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly, or Windows is checking for a solution to the problem” omission messages in some illustrations. When the user tries again to unlock QuickBooks after the app stops itself, the exact omission statement reappears. Occasionally QuickBooks doesn’t hurl any omission statements and begin freezes on Windows. If you are too confronting an error where your QuickBooks is not conceding or has quit working, pursue the detailed writing for comprehensive troubleshooting pedagogy.


Indications of QuickBooks Has Stopped Working Error

As this sort of issue can furthermore influence QuickBooks without providing any omission statement, it is important to recognize the indications of the error to fix it promptly. Below, we have summarized every indication that brings up QuickBooks has quit working or QuickBooks is not unlocking omission.


  • Assists after unlocking the QuickBooks Desktop, it begins frosting and evolves non-responsive.
  • The mouse arrow and keyboard begin lagging on the QuickBooks window.
  • QuickBooks stops all at once when you unlock the company record without any issue statement or message.
  • QuickBooks quits barely before loading the dashboard and shows one of the relevant issue statements.
  • Additional Windows apps furthermore start conceding deliberately and encounter freezing problems.

What Furnishes Surge to QuickBooks Has Stopped Working Problem


Whenever you discover “QuickBooks has stopped working” or “QuickBooks is not opening” issue, it is normally due to one of the successive justifications:


  • Windows operating system files are harmed.
  • There are bruised or violent areas on your hard disk.
  • QB Desktop inauguration records are decayed.
  • QuickBooks is not correctly introduced on Windows.
  • INI file, which is utilized to stock initialization data, is either misplaced from Windows or is harmed.
  • The caption of the QuickBooks company file has extra characters than the utmost permitted boundary.


Points to Fix QuickBooks Has Stopped Working Error


Pursue the troubleshooting paces in the provided order. It might be feasible that the initial pace will fix the error, or you might have to obey the second one to get free of QuickBooks has stopped working.

Troubleshooting Solution 1: Download and Run QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool is particularly refined to counter issues due to defects in the QuickBooks Desktop installation. Obeying the pedagogy below will aid you to install QuickBooks Tool Hub to drive QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.



  • Download QuickBooks Tool Hub and shift to the download folder to operate the Tool Hub installer log.
  • Double-click the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file to commence the installation.
  • Agree to the terms and conditions and obey the on-screen induces to attain the installation.
  • Before operating the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, short every operating application on Windows.
  • When the Tool Hub was introduced, it operated by double-clicking its icon on the computer.
  • After that, commune the Program Installation Issues tag and prefer QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool.
  • Leaning on the performance of your computer, it can take up to 25 minutes to renovate the shortcoming in the installation.
  • Formerly the method completes remedying the installation omissions, begins again your Windows, and unlocks QuickBooks then. If you discover QuickBooks yet not conceding, obey the second troubleshooting point.
  • If you cannot try the downloaded record to drive QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, therefore download QuickBooks Tool Hub and elect the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool from the Installation Issues tag.

Troubleshooting Point 2: Reinstall Windows Operating System


Before reinstalling Windows make certain to back up your company record, as reinstalling Windows will eliminate QuickBooks and Company document data from the PC. You can query your provincial IT manager to reinstall Windows on the computer or get in touch with different experts for assistance.


As an ultimate troubleshooting pace, you can furthermore attempt reinstalling QuickBooks Desktop utilizing QuickBooks Clean Install Tool that you will discover under QuickBooks Tool Hub.

In Conclusion

Hopefully, this blog post will benefit you to fix that QuickBooks is not conceding to errors. Though, if the troubleshooting didn’t work, and you are yet fighting to get free of QuickBooks’ quit working error, then you can contact our 24/7 QuickBooks Technical Support Team for troubleshooting this error.

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