Fix: “No Bootable Device Found” Error

If you notice the fatal Blue Screen error while turning on your laptop or your desktop, it may be a major cause of concern. It normally means that there is some major issue with your device due to which you are unable to operate it. If the BSOD error screen comes with the “No Bootable Device Found” error message, then you are just at the right place to fix the issue.

Here are some fixes:

Check the Hardware Connections

The device may be unable to boot due to loose hardware connections. Try out the solution below:

  1. Open the panel of your laptop or computer, locate the cord that connects to the SSD or HDD.
  2. Make sure that all wired attachments between the motherboard and the SSD or HDD are correct.
  3. To be extra sure, remove all the connections and reconnect all the components.

Check the Right Boot Sort is Chosen through BIOS

You may have accidentally modified the boot type for your device. To fix it, follow the steps below:

  1. Hold the Power key for a while and once the display goes black then start the restart process.
  2. While booting up, hold the F12, F2, F8 and Del keys or different keys to access the BIOS environment.
  3. Then click on the right arrow button to enter the Boot section.
  4. You should choose the ‘Hard Drive/Solid State Drive’ option as the main boot device.
  5. Later, apply the changes, and shut the BIOS then restart the system.

Boot the System via Windows Installation Media DVD/USB

If your copy of Windows has become corrupted, you may have to reinstall it using a DVD or USB media. Here is what you should try:

  1. You should access the BIOS.
  2. After that, select the Boot section once more.
  3. Then change the boot order to USB Flash or DVD-ROM through in-built steps.
  4. Later, you have to shut the screen and restart the system.

Repair Master Boot Record and Boot Configuration Data

Follow the directions mentioned below:

  1. Once you restart the system, you will be shown with the screen of Windows Setup.
  2. Thereafter, hold the ‘Repair your computer’ option at the lower left side of the screen.
  3. Then you should choose the ‘Troubleshoot’ option.
  4. Go to the ‘Advanced options’ button.
  5. You have to choose the ‘Command Prompt’ option.
  6. After launching the Command Prompt, input the pursuing commands then hit the Enter key after each:
    • Bootrec /fixmbr
    • Bootrec /fixboot
    • Bootrec /scanos
    • Bootrec /rebuildbcd
  7. Now, reboot the system.

The methods mentioned above, will be effective in fixing the no bootable device error on Windows devices.

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