Fix: NTFS_File_System Error In Windows

Are you getting an error of NTFS File System after Windows 10 1809 upgrade? It is related to the Disk Drive and File system issue. It is worth noting that corrupted files, as well as installed third-party apps, result in different blue screens. It comprises the Windows NTFS file system error on boot. If you are facing this error, then this blog is perfect for you. Here are some fixes for the Windows NTFS File System error.

Go for startup repair

  1. Firstly, restart the Windows computer.
  2. Then, tap on F12 to get the boot menu.
  3. After that, choose Boot from DVD/CD.
  4. Next, tap on any button for booting from it.
  5. Then, skip the first screen.
  6. After that, press on repair your computer.
  7. Then, click on followed by troubleshooting.
  8. Next, tap on advanced options.
  9. After that, press on startup repair, whenever you are on an advanced options screen.
  10. Lastly, note that the process windows by itself restart and start.

The method of booting in safe mode

  1. If your startup repair does not be able to solve your problem, then go to advanced options one more time. This time you need to press on command prompt as well as perform the given below commands for solving and rebuilding boot manager.
  2. bootrec.exe/fixmbr
  3. bootrec.exe/fixmboot
  4. bootrec.exe/rebuildbcd
  5. bootrec.exe/scanos
  6. Lastly, restart Windows and see if it can troubleshoot NTFS file system error.

The method of boot in safe mode

  1. For booting into safe mode, go to advanced options.
  2. Then, press on the startup settings.
  3. After that, restart your device.
  4. Next, tap on F4 for safe mode.
  5. Then, press the F5.

The method of updating device drivers

The last option is to ensure each of the installed device drivers are updated.

  1. Firstly, put the combination of Windows and X for launching the device manager.
  2. Wait for the Device Manager to launch.
  3. Then, search for a driver yellow exclamation symbol, if there is an update then you need to install the driver.
  4. Next, extend the display adapter by doing a right-click on the installed driver software.
  5. After that, choose the updated driver.
  6. Then, press search automatically for updated driver software.
  7. Next, do according to the on-screen instruction.
  8. Lastly, restart Windows after updating the driver software and see that there will be no error of NTFS_FILE_SYSTEM.

Congratulations! You have been able to troubleshoot NTFS_File_System error in Windows device with the help of this blog.

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