How to resolve QuickBooks error c=51?

QuickBooks software is among the most well-known accounting software packages and is favored by business owners worldwide. However, while operating this software, several technical issues occasionally occur. This blog discusses QuickBooks Error C=51: What Triggers the Error and How to Fix It?

Typically, the message “QuickBooks is unable to find the TxList file” appears on the screen along with QuickBooks trouble code C=51. It triggers whenever a user attempts to delete a txList present in the list of TxLists or if a user attempts to delete a transaction file from a report. So, let’s try and fix this error by following the mentioned steps thoroughly.

The Leading Causes Triggering the Error c=51

QuickBooks Error c=51 can arise due to some of the following reasons:

  • In the presence of damaged or corrupted company files
  • If the database of QuickBooks is damaged or corrupted,
  • The QuickBooks software is not upgraded.
  • Error in the re-building of QuickBooks
  • The issue with the verification of QuickBooks
  • Corrupt in the media files, like backups taken on false floppy disks.

Methods for Troubleshooting the QuickBooks Error c=51

Necessary files which resolve and recover each data file of QuickBooks instantly

  • Initially, the QuickBooks user must have been damaged. the QBW file
  • TLG or transaction log files are in the folder in which they were damaged. QBW file is located.
  • Any past backup files of QuickBooks data. (.QBM, .QBB or .QBW)

Method 1: Repair the Data Files

  • The initial step while repairing the QuickBooks error c=51 is repairing the data file using a similar QuickBooks version.
  • Users needn’t update their QuickBooks version to utilize the repaired file.

Method 2: Rebuilding data


  • Start by shutting down the QuickBooks software
  • Also, shut down each window in the QuickBooks software
  • Restart the QuickBooks software
  • The user needs to re-do that action, which triggered the QuickBooks error C=51.
  • Restore the data into a format for version 7 or after.

Method 3: Use the latest version of QuickBooks

  • If a user attempts to restore entire backup files, they must use the same or the most recent version of QuickBooks to fix the mistake.
  • The user can then easily and quickly restore the QuickBooks backup files using QuickBooks’ most recent version.

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Method 4: Restore the Backup Files

  • After restoring the QuickBooks backup files, press the keys “Ctrl+C” to copy those files and paste them into the new folder.
  • The user must validate the file size to ensure it is greater than 6 MB.
  • Select the “Properties option” by right-clicking on the “File menu.”
  • The file backup is incorrect if it is below 6 MB in size.
  • The user must now make a new backup file out of the active file.

Method 5: Using the File Doctor Tool of QuickBooks


The File Doctor tool of QuickBooks can be used to fix the QuickBooks Error C=51. Users can download this tool using the Intuit website or use it online through the tools hub of QuickBooks. Just launch the tool & it will then automatically diagnose & correct the error. The following steps must be taken:

  • Initially, download & install the file doctor tool of QuickBooks
  • Examine the files triggering the issue.
  • Lastly, fix this QuickBooks Error C=51 with the help of the tool.

Method 6: Try Accessing the Deleted or Lost Transactions

Sometimes the user needs help locating a transaction list or a single transaction that may have accidentally been removed or rendered inaccessible. In this case, it is advised to restore the altered or deleted transactions. The following instructions will demonstrate to the user how to use the audit trail report, which will display the transactions made within that specific company file.

  • Launch the menu of “Reports.”
  • Choose the option “accountant & taxes” and then select the option “audit trail.”
  • Lastly, recover the transactions which were lost due to a technical problem.

Method 7: Test the Network Connectivity

  • There are times when the QuickBooks Error C=51 can trigger because of issues in the network connectivity, and due to this, it might happen that the transaction won’t be able to be installed. Hence, it is advised to double-check the system’s internet connectivity before initiating the installation process.


The above blog has covered almost all the possible steps to fix QuickBooks Error c=51. Therefore, following the steps till the end ensures that Error c=51 will be resolved. However, if a user still faces the same Error c=51, it is suggested to contact the QuickBooks error support team at +1-800-615-2347.

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