How to fix the ISP has blocked this site

Due to many reasons, we all have been facing limitations and restrictions when it comes to accessing the web. With the increasing use of internet censorship, there are times when it is used for some gruesome activities. However, Internet service providers can block some sites because of these activities. And this is when we look for ways to access restricted websites.

isp blocked on this site

Nonetheless, it’s not always necessary that your website will be blocked due to malicious activities but also because of some other reasons. Make sure you have a strong antivirus product installed that will help you hunt the threats you never knew existed.


The easiest way to circumvent the limitation set by ISP and access your blocked website, make use of a virtual private network. There are a number of tools available on the market and you can go for any of them.

Proxy websites

Believe it or not, proxy websites can actually become a God-given gift for you if your website has been blocked by ISP. It is actually a third party service that will take you to the required information but there’s a problem with this method. You will have to face a slow internet connection.

Proxy browser extensions

When it comes to cracking filters and blockages, you can always give a try to proxy browser extension. Choosing the best extension is total up to you and the browser you use but yes it can also lead to an unreliable internet connection.

Give a try to Short URLs

It is one of the easiest yet effective ways of getting your website accessible. You simply need to copy the original URL of the blocked site and then paste it into some URL shortening website. It will now become easier for you to deal with blockage.

Use PDFs

If you wish to unblock sites in your PC, simply converting them into PDFs will work wonders and you will get to know the desired content in the form of printable sheets.

These were the most common ways to deal with this problem. After implementing all the steps given above, you can just get rid of the blocked issue generated by ISP.

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