Fix Windows Error Canon Printer Driver Is Not Available

The foundation of communication between a device and a printer is a set of Canon printer drivers. Finding a printer driver problem, such as Driver is Unavailable For Canon Printer, signals a major problem that prevents your printer from printing or carrying out any other task. The techniques for debugging the issue are the same whether the printer is an HP, Canon, Brother, Epson, or another brand; however, the driver is not available. As a result, if you are also seeing the message “Windows printer driver is unavailable” on your screen, read the troubleshooting steps below and use them to resolve the issue.

What Does Canon Printer Driver Is Not Available Mean?

A printer driver is a software programme that enables your computer and printer to communicate with each other. A direct command is not understood by your printer. The printer receives the translated message and responds appropriately after the driver converts the given command into printer language and transmits it to the printer. The printer won’t ever produce any printed pages for you if the printer driver is not installed on your computer.

The error message Canon printer unavailable denotes that the Windows computer’s installed printer drivers are not active or functional. It means that although there are simple remedies available, the issue could be caused by a corrupt, missing, or obsolete driver. Driver not available printer problems can also be shown when printer drivers are disabled or not installed. The error message “Windows printer driver is unavailable” has many causes. The following list includes the most frequent causes:

  • Windows lacks printer drivers
  • Older or outdated drivers
  • missing drivers for printers
  • erratic programmes
  • corrupted motorists
  • Windows has to be updated because of a bug
  • Incompatible print driver
  • incorrectly installing a new printer driver, among other things.

How To Fix A Windows System That Does Not Have A Canon Printer Driver?

The “Windows Canon printer driver is unavailable” or “driver not available printer” error can be resolved in a few different ways. Install all of your printer drivers correctly and from reputable sources. Additionally, before installing any drivers on your Windows PC, check the system requirements. Learn how to solve it with the aid of the guide below. Additionally, try the first solution first; if it doesn’t work for you, try the second; and so on. Let’s resolve your printer driver problem.

Fix 1: Reconnect your printer to your Windows computer.

It’s not necessarily true that if your printer indicates that the driver is unavailable, it actually isn’t; there may also be a problem with the connection. If your Windows computer and printer are not correctly connected, the printer won’t be able to detect anything on the PC and won’t be able to print. So, try connecting both devices again.

  • The Windows menu will let you access Control Panel.
  • Select “View devices and printers” from the Hardware and Sound menu.
  • Remove device from the context menu by performing a right-click on the name of your printer model.
  • On the UAC screen, select Yes.
  • Your printer has now been deleted from the list of devices on your PC. Wait for five minutes after unplugging the USB.
  • Try printing again after re-connecting the printer to your computer via USB or wireless.
  • This approach is ideal and appropriate for plug-and-play printers. Try fix 2 if the reconnection solution does not resolve the issue with the unavailable printer driver.

Fix 2 – Find and update appropriate printer drivers

The most frequent cause of the driver not available problem is outdated drivers, and updating these drivers is the best solution. We’ve suggested an automatic method for locating and updating the appropriate printer drivers on your Windows PC using a Driver Updater programme.

  • Get the eSoftSafe Driver Updater Pro programme now.
  • Double-click the driverupdaterprosetup.exe file after opening it.
  • To approve the installation, select Yes, then select Next.
  • Complete the installation after accepting the licence agreement.
  • To automatically scan the computer, start Driver Updater Pro on your Windows computer.
  • A list of missing and out-of-date drivers emerges.
  • To update the printer driver, select FIX NOW.
  • Wait for the installation of the compatible printer driver.

Try fix 3 if replacing your outdated drivers doesn’t resolve the problem.

Fix 3: Update the printer driver manually from Windows

For some users, manually updating the driver is a time-consuming operation. However, if an automatic update fails and your printer reports “driver unavailable,” a manual update may be able to help.

  • Tap Windows and R together.
  • Enter devmgmt.msc into the box after typing it there.
  • Device Manager can also be accessed through the Start Menu.
  • Open the Print Queues submenu after selecting your printing device.
  • Click Update Driver from the context menu of the right-clicked printer name.
  • Download the Microsoft wushowhide.diagcab setup by clicking on the driver.
  • Install the setup, then choose the option to hide updates.
  • It’s time to click the next button after selecting the printer driver update, if it appears on the screen.
  • To resolve the Windows printer driver is unavailable issue, install drivers on your Windows computer.
  • If the problem has not been resolved, try the following remedy.

Fix 4 – Reinstall printer drivers from the manufacturer to complete.

The manual installation approach is used to resolve printer driver problems. In order to complete this process, you must go to the website where you may obtain the drivers for your printer. Additionally, be sure you select the proper portal. If not, there may be a higher chance of downloading malware or viruses.

  • Remove outdated or corrupt drivers first.
  • To automatically clean up corrupt printer drivers, use eSoftSafe PC cleaner pro.
  • The manual steps listed below are also available.
  • By pressing Windows + I, choose Apps.
  • Find the printer drivers, then select Uninstall.
  • then access the company that makes your particular brand of printer.
  • Download the most recent model of your printer.
  • Windows should install and launch the driver.

Run a troubleshooter to resolve the problem if reinstallation has not resolved it and still reports the “Windows printer driver is unavailable” error.

Fix 5- Upgrade your Windows installation

If you’ve tried the solutions listed above and still can’t find the driver, even though the printer is working OK, it’s possible that an outdated version of Windows is preventing your printer driver from connecting to the printer device. Therefore, follow the instructions below to upgrade your Windows OS.

  • In the left corner, click the Windows symbol.
  • On the Settings icon, click.
  • Click on the Update & Security tab after navigating there.
  • To check for updates, click.
  • Install any updates that are available for Windows.
  • Restart your computer after the update is complete.

The most recent version of Windows corrects bugs and other issues that may have an impact on the drivers and software for your printer. Utilizing apps is made simple by updating Windows. Once more, try printing with your printer. Check out the alternate solution if the unavailable Windows printer driver problem persists.


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