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Stainless Steel Flanges:

According to the flange supplier in saudi arabia, Stainless Steel Flanges are made from a variety of stainless steel materials. Stainless steel is available in a number of grades, each with its own structure and mechanical properties.

A flange is a protruded ridge, lip or rim, either external or internal, that serves to increase strength (as the flange of an iron beam such as an I-beam or a T-beam); for easy attachment/transfer of contact force with another object (as the flange on the end of a pipe, steam cylinder, etc., or on the lens mount of a camera); or for stabilising and guiding the movements of a machine or its parts (as the inside flange of a rail car or tram wheel, which keep the wheels from running off the rails). carbon steel pipe suppliers in saudi arabia use flanges in the Oil and Gas Industry.Inco Special Alloys is a prominent Flange Supplier in UAE, known for providing quality-driven products.

The term “flange” is also used for a kind of tool used to form flanges.

Stainless steel comes in a variety of grades, based on the material composition and mechanical qualities. Inco Special Alloys, is a leading Flange Supplier in UAE.Inco Special Alloys is a prominent Flange Supplier in Dubai, known for providing quality-driven products.

Various Types of Flange

We have a trained staff that guarantees the quality of Flange and other items throughout the production and distribution processes, including raw material selection, processing, labelling, packaging, storage, and shipment. The following various types of available flanges:

  • Slip On Flanges : Slip On Flanges are a popular type of pipe flange designed to accept pipe into the bore/center of the flange for welding around both the Outer Diameter (OD) of the pipe and on the interior side of the connection.
  • Threaded Flanges : The Threaded Flanges design (also called a ‘screwed flange’) uses a screw thread to connect the flange to a pipe. A male thread is cut onto a pipe end whilst a female thread is cut into the bore of the flange; the male threaded pipe is then screwed into the female threaded flange.
  • Lap Joint Flanges : Lap Joint Flanges is a two-component assembly, with a stub end that has a lap-joint ring flange placed over it. The stub end is then butt welded to the pipe, and the flange ring can be rotated to align with the mating flange.
  • Ring Type Joint Flanges : A Ring Type Joint Flanges (RTJ) is a machined metallic ring with a deep groove cut into its face. This groove rests a metal ring which gets compressed when the connecting bolts of the flange are tightened. This compression results in a leak-proof, close-fitting seal on the pipe or connection.

Flange Supplier in Saudi Arabia

Inco Special Alloys is one of the most well-known flange supplier in saudi arabia. All across the world, our flanges are well-known and recognised. Inco Special Alloys is an established Flange Manufacturer, and carbon steel pipe suppliers in saudi arabia. Flanges for the automobile sector are supplied by Inco Special Alloys . Inco Special Alloys is a well-known Flange Manufacturer in India.

We’ve established ourselves as the top Flange Manufacturer, Flange Supplier in India.We are also Flange Supplier In Dubai and Flange Supplier in Saudi Arabia

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