Flavorful Mithais to have in the monsoon season

The monsoon season is the real moment of excitement in India. It becomes very suffocating, especially in some places. At times, we might get tired of our daily routine and want to take a break from it all. So, we need something refreshing that can give us energy and boost our spirits up high.

It may be difficult to find time during this season but there is no need to worry. Savory snacks are not the only things to do. Even if you are stuck at home or office, it’s time to break the boredom with some yummy sweets! We have enlisted a list of must-try Mithais that can be easily enjoyed during monsoon.

Kaju Katli

The traditional sweet that we all love is the ‘Kaju Katli’. It’s a diamond shaped sweet that tastes divine with its sour and salty taste combination. Also, it is enjoyed by people of all ages. Traditional Kaju Katri is made with cashew fudge and garnished with pure edible silver foil along with a blend of sugar and cashew paste.

Kesar Penda

A thoroughly tantalizing delight, Kesar Penda is known to be one of the best sweets to have during monsoon. Kesar Penda is traditionally made in northern part of India and has cardamom powder and khoya that adds a burst of taste and crunchiness in it. Its luxurious milk-based fudge makes it superlative, as it adds a slight tangy flavor to the sweet and makes it unique. Therefore, order Kesar Penda online from Mithai and More this monsoon season, taste authentic Indian sweets with your loved ones or make sure to place an order for delivery from Mithai and More now so that you can enjoy this traditional sweet during the onset of monsoon season.

Bengali Sweets

When it comes to Bengali sweets, Mithai and More offers the largest variety of options this monsoon season. From Badam Kali, Chamcham and Bengali Rajbhog to Rasmalai, Kalajam and Raja Rani, we have everything you could ask for. Therefore, this monsoon season if you want to relish the best taste of Bengali sweets there is no better place to visit than Mithai and More

Final remarks

We understand the taste of our customers and therefore leave no stone unturned in customizing the taste according to the requirement. Therefore, to experience awesomeness this monsoon season, order sweets online from Mithai and More now!

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