Floor and Wall Padding

Premier Solutions specialise in the supply and installation of floor and wall padding that can reduce personal injury.  Whether you require just one wall pad or a complete room, we can design and manufacture the padding to fit your project.

We have carried out hundreds of floor and wall padding projects over the years in various applications including sensory rooms, calming rooms, private homes, gymnasiums, prisons, seclusion rooms and hospitals.  Padded rooms are now commonplace in many mainstream schools or any demanding environment for de-escalation or restraint.

Wall Padding

All our wall pads are wooden backed to maintain their shape for many years to come and are securely fixed to the walls. Cut-outs can be incorporated into a pad to allow it to fit perfectly around mains sockets, light switches and data points that are within an area to be padded. We also manufacture hinged padding for external corners  and window reveals ensuring the corners are still fully padded and providing maximum protection.

The height of the padding can be to your specific requirements. Wavy tops can also be manufactured into the tops of the padding to give a subtle additional feature to your room. We also have the ability to theme wall pads often using a combination of appliquéd designs and additional artwork thanks to our graphics department.  Themes have included, sky, under the sea, seaside, farmyard, jungle, space and countryside.

Floor Padding

Premier’s standard floor padding uses 50mm thick foam to give excellent protection against injury. Each pad is covered in an easy to clean vinyl that is both Phthalate and Latex free. We have various types and densities of foam that we use depending on the application.

We also manufacture floor padding with a plywood back – this is very similar to the wall padding mentioned above. This is a more permanent solution that can be fixed directly to the floor.

You may require a section of floor directly inside the door to be kept free of padding to allow easy access for wheelchair users who may use a track hoist to position them within the room.

A sloped edge can also be incorporated into a floor pad to prevent trip hazards. This can be manufactured in a different colour to the main flooring so that it is easily seen.


There is a large selection of colours available for the PVC vinyl covering and the colour does not affect the cost of the floor and wall padding! You can have different coloured pads on the same installation if you wish.

If you are considering also having sensory lighting in the same room, we do recommend the use of lighter coloured vinyls. This will provide the lighting with a natural projection screen, allowing the lights to change the whole colour of the room, by reflection. White is the ideal. Remember that blue floor and wall padding, when lit with red light, will give you an undesirable “Brown Room”.

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