Florida’s favorite liquor-based cocktails | Must-try cocktails

A bar has all kinds of visitors. From joyous people to sad ones. Hence, a bartender needs to serve drinks according to the situation.


Most people like having drinks at a bar, while sometimes people like to Order Liquor Online. Different people, different reactions.


A cocktail is a kind of mix which uses alcohol at its base. The flavor profile includes sweet, salty, and many other options.


We have discussed some cocktails below that are a staple at any Floridian bar. So the next time you go for a drink, try them out!


Rum Runner: The public and visitors’ desire is the Rum runner. It has multiple fruity liqueurs mixed with dark rum to create the cocktail that has a major fan following in Florida.


90 miles from Cuba Mojito: It is Miami’s baby! With Rum at its base. It comes in tall glass. People love having it while sitting on the beach and relaxing.


Key Lime Daiquiri: Rum-based drink with lime and sugar. It became famous after Ernest Hemingway took a liking to it.


Margarita: This drink is made with pineapple at its base when it comes to providing flavoring. It is one of the most famous drinks in the world. People all around the world love it.


Pina Colada: A drink that has a base mix of the above two drinks. Pineapple and Rum are the major base ingredients. The drink became so popular that multiple songs have been written using it, which generally showcase the idea of having fun and letting go of life for a while.

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