Fly to Ruuan Weald and then follow the ramp

While technically Wind Steed is an Horseman’s Steed reskin The designers have WOW Classic Burning Crusade Gold put enough effort into it to make it appear and feel different. While the Legion Paladin Charger is much more similar to the Horseman’s Steed that it feels a lot more similar, though still different enough to be more than just an recolor.

What are fel armaments? arcane tomes? I quit both bfa and shadowlands in the first month of each but I can’t recall being allowed to purchase an exalted rep. It was only available in classic and tbc . sure it’s retail that has this rep problem.

It’s a long distance, but the run from say… Shatt to Auchindoun is likely to be lower than Kargath to Blackrock Mountain. It’s not that bad I’d say. They would only need to remove or redesign the areas with only flying. Teleporters can be moved up and downwards at the very least.

Fly to Ruuan Weald and then follow the ramp down until Gruul in Blade’s Edge. You can travel to Cosmowrench from Netherstorm. I don’t know. I think that if there were no flying mounts and flight paths, they would be relevant again and would provide a solution.

WoW would never exist if Blizzard had created it today. It would likely be an Overwatch MMO, or something completely different. They haven’t made much of Warcraft for a while (except hearthstone, which might be a different game).

There is a way to compare Overwatch against Project Titan or WoW, and what it might be in the event that WoW were released in 2021. My assumption is that the WoW2021 game could be restricted to a few , half-assed arenas, BGs and loot box.

If you consider their well-known MMO, built on an IP that they’ve maintained and updated for over 15 years, it’s absurd to claim they haven’t done anything with the IP. Except maybe Warcraft 4 or something like that, what else could they be doing?

I would like to see a new version of WoW featuring a better engine would be wonderful. Imagine height actually being something in combat , or projectiles that could actually smash or be blocked by things that weren’t originally their intended targets.

This argument is actually silly and ridiculous. Modern expansions offer a more number of mounts than tbc did and I’d suggest there’s much more variety in both the design and the acquisition. TBC consisted mainly of buy WOW TBC Gold dungeons drops and Grindy dailies to make a name. The Nether Drakes were also fantastically designed.

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