Follow the Zero-Trust ITAD Systemto Protect Your Business Data

When it comes to the sensitive data regarding our business, we cannot afford trust in today’s age. Anyone we trust can steal our confidential data and sell it or misuse it for his/her benefit. That is why ITAD disposition companies Chicago advise following the Zero-Trust ITAD system for optimum network security. The security model of Zero-Trust policy not only combats present-day cyber threats but also serves as a cornerstone of a successful ITAD strategy. Let us find out why.

What is Zero-Trust ITAD System?

Several recent events show that traditional methods of network security are not that effective against the latest security threats. Severe data breaches may last for months or sometimes even years, and most of them occur because traditional security systems failed to detect or prevent incidents. The Zero-Trust ITAD system moves your security protocols away from any implied trust. On the contrary, it uses a default posture of denial to evaluate trust based on per transaction. Devices and users need to be verified each time before getting access.

Significance of Zero-Trust System for Computer Recycling

Zero-Trust Policy is all about getting permission to gain access to a network and to possess an asset. Disposing of an old computer responsibly is a crucial job. Cataloging, transporting, tracking, and recycling, assets is a time-consuming task that distracts businesses from their everyday responsibilities. That is why many companies choose to outsource their processes to IT asset disposition solution Chicago. However, you need to ensure that the ITAD vendor you choose deserves your trust to handle your sensitive equipment.

Assets may get stolen or lost during transit. Manifests may be filled with mistakes and equipment may be sold through unreliable remarketing channels. All these practices not only open up your business to significant legal and financial liabilities, but you are also the one who suffers the most when things go wayward. Zero-Trust System places the responsibility on the vendor. By following the right procedures, these ITAD companies Chicago protect your business data from any liability and make the vendor solely responsible for the breach.

Steps to Implement Zero-Trust System for Asset Disposition

These are the four crucial steps you may take to implement a Zero-Trust system for Asset Disposition effectively:

  1. Separate Duties: Establish processes to validate the chain of custody and help eliminate losses and foster accountability.
  2. Keep Inventory Reports Confidential:ITAD companies Chicagomust give you an accurate inventory of all the equipment you provided to them. However, remember that they legally require 3rd-party verification and don’t get convinced with them for otherwise.
  3. Hold Your Equipment: To prevent any problem, ask your ITAD provider to quarantine your equipment until they account for all the assets. Do not allow the IT companies Chicagoto destroy or resell your equipment until they establish a chain of custody.
  4. UseDisposal Tags to Establish a Chain of Custody:Cataloging serial numbers to track equipment creates gaps that make it easier for equipment to be stolen or get lost. You may increase the tracking accuracy by using disposal tags by as much as 100%, as it helps in deterring theft.

Are you ready to build a fool-proof ITAD strategy for your equipment? Get in touch with COM2 Recycling Solutionsand gain control over your business’s data security. We are the trusted ITAD disposition companies Chicago that take responsibility for your IT disposition with trust.

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