Follow these Makeup Tips to Look your Best this Christmas

Makeup enhances every woman’s natural beauty, and when it comes to a festival like Christmas, the makeup must be the best. Along with decorating the house with different props, flowers & lights, bells & ornaments, every girl wishes to look picture perfect for the celebration. With the right makeup, you can get ready within a few minutes. However, you must use makeup products that match your skin and have no side effects. To do make up for a subtle look, you only need a few products, like primer, foundation, concealer, blush, eyeliner, and lipstick. You can also use a suitable mascara and eye shadow to enhance your eye look. Below, we’ve provided some tips to help you look your best this Christmas makeup 2021.

Makeup Tips for Christmas

Everyone celebrates Christmas in their own way. However, wearing new clothes and getting ready with your favourite makeup is common in the celebrations. Here, you can find some fantastic Party makeup tips to get ready for the Christmas party.

  • Create a Flawless Makeup Base-

Any makeup look relies on establishing a flawless foundation base. When applying your base, always use a primer and follow a Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing routine. A primer can reduce redness, minimize pores, brighten your skin, target discoloration, and even illuminate your skin. Apply concealer to your prepped and primed skin after applying foundation for extra coverage. You can sprinkle the translucent setting powder on your T-zone, the area beside your nose, and your chin if you have oily skin.

  • Apply a Lipstick that brightens your Look-

Choosing lipstick first will help you decide on the rest of your beauty look. Everyone has a favourite lip colour that they love and that matches their skin tone and makes them feel unique. Thus, you should apply lip balm after applying your base and then use your favourite lipstick. You can experiment with different shades to know how a nude, or a bold shade looks on your lips, to build your entire look around it without worrying about how it will look.

  • Use Highlighter to Enhance Overall Look-

You don’t have to avoid using those illuminating highlighters this Christmas. They come in various formulations, including cream sticks, liquid, and powder. Using a highlighter, you can highlight your cheekbones, brow bones, nose bridge, and Cupid’s bow. Also, you can make your highlighter look perfect by choosing a shade that matches your skin tone. Moreover, if you have a dusky complexion, gold-toned highlighters enhance it beautifully, silver-toned ones work well for fair skin, and rose-gold highlighters complement wheatish tones.

  • Don’t forget to use Blush-

Adding a rosy blush to your face will add a touch of radiance. Even though matte blushes are always a good option, give your cheeks a lush glow with a satin blush this festive season. Moreover, your glow game will be on point with metallic blushers, as they add a luxurious touch to your makeup.

  • Give your Eyes a Sparkling Touch-

Festivals give you a legit reason to wear shimmery eyeshadows, and many of us cannot refuse this opportunity. Apply a primer to your lids if you want the best colour payoff. The best eyeshadow to wear if you’ve worn oxblood or red lipstick is gold or rose-gold with a shimmer or glitter finish. Choosing pink or nude lipstick colours opens the possibilities for eyeshadow; since it is the season of festivals, focus on metallic, shimmer, or glitter finishes. Moreover, using liquid eyeliner will provide you with perfectly bold and defined wings but if you aren’t confident of your eyeliner game, try gel pot formulas for precision.

Above are some of the best tips to make your makeup game strong this festive season. However, for best results, ensure to use products that match your skin type/tone. Using a product that isn’t suitable for your skin can affect it. Therefore, before choosing makeup products for your face, you should take assistance from reliable and trusted professionals like VLCC.


Everyone loves makeup as it enhances a person’s overall look. Hence, choose your makeup products accordingly. Using unsuitable products for your skin tone can make you look dark. Thus, it is essential to take guidance from makeup experts. For this, you can always rely on the professional team of VLCC. You can contact the VLCC team in person or via call.

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