Food Distributors in Oman

Al Maya FMCG is one of the leading food distributors in Oman. Oman is reckoned to be the major market for all FMCG products at a global level. The country has witnessed a tremendous evolution in consumer preferences and tastes. Therefore, naturally, many food distributors in Oman are competing for space in a highly competitive market. Recently parts of UAE have shifted massively in consumer behavior, similar to Oman. As a result, the demand for the finest food brands and products has soared in Oman. That has given rise to multiple international food brands to get into the FMCG sector in the country. Al Maya Group is considered the best food distributor in Oman that has a sizeable retail presence at the global level.

The company has a widespread retail outlet network that includes its supermarket chain along with other branded outlets. It also has a vast distribution network and logistics. It has introduced more than 50 international food brands in Oman over the years. Al Maya is known for its distribution and trading skills. It possesses over a million sq ft warehousing space. Al Maya Trading is its sister entity that is in charge of the smooth supply of these brands to retailers and supermarket chains. The Company aims at maintaining excellent standards and keeps upgrading the infrastructural facilities for better supply and management of the products. The incorporation of the latest technology will make the distribution work smooth and quick. The company is one of the best food distributors in Gulf countries as it is highly reliable.

Al Maya has partnered with the following products in the UAE:

Luxus Garbage Bags- These garbage bags help in keeping the house and kitchen garbage-free. The thickness and top-quality material prevent leakage and odor from spreading to the whole room. They can also be used in the office or in any other working space where garbage can accumulate. The Luxus garbage bags are available in many sizes for various purposes. They are strong to hold heavy linen, laundry, holiday decorations, toys, and other materials.

Minara Brand- Minara Sunflower oil is one of the best Sunflower Oil brands available in the market. It has Vitamin D and E and comes under the superbrands category in Oman. It is regarded as the first Pure Sunflower Oil in the whole of Gulf.

TEEB is another fragrance brand that is pure attars made with strict quality control. The ingredients used are non-toxic, ozone-friendly, and safe.

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