Food Offered at Turkish Restaurants

Did you know that Turkish culture is one of the few cultures where the host is responsible for paying the bill? It is completely unacceptable that guests pay for the meal or split the bill. You can’t repay the host unless you treat him another day. This hospitality culture is still evident in Turkish restaurants all over the globe.

Turkish Restaurants

Turkey is home to many different cuisines and specialties, which are featured in the delicious menus of many Turkish restaurants in London bridge around the globe. The local flavor and food are always incorporated into the cooking process. A standard Turkish menu would consist of the following dishes:

Beverages These beverages could be alcoholic or non-alcoholic. Followers of Islam consume alcohol in large quantities. Turkish restaurant in London bridge also serves alcohol, as well as their own home-blended Turkish wine or lager. Raki, a traditional anise-flavored beverage, is also very popular among guests. These restaurants also offer non-alcoholic beverages such as Aryan (a milk beverage that comes with kefir seeds) and Boza (a water-based cinnamon-flavored winter drink).

Starters: Starters are commonly known as Meze in Turkish restaurants. It is usually accompanied by drinks. These can include meat, stuffed rolls, or Sarma. Dolma is another popular Turkish restaurant offering. Dolma is a type of fruit roll that has minced meat inside. You can also find other appetizers such as kebabs or grilled fish. They are served with a variety of yogurts, gravy, and dried fruits. They can be used as an appetizer in Turkish restaurants, but they can also be used as the main course.

Main course: Turkish cuisine has evolved over time, bringing together many different styles of cooking. Main courses with meat will most likely include lamb, while seafood will primarily be made up of fish. Vegetarian dishes include green vegetable stew in white curry. Balvir is used in other dishes, and it’s the main course at many Turkish restaurants.

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