A speedy prologue to myself, I am the substance maker behind Nitin Tandon, a Mumbai based photographer and way of life blog. My instructive foundation remembers a four year college education for showcasing, and afterward a subsequent partners degree in visual marketing and styling.


While I have taken numerous conventional photography and styling classes, I truly have gained the most from hands on encounters and experimentation. Styling common top 10 photo studio in chennai to pop off the page takes a few artfulness and an eye for visual narrating.

At the point when you are initially starting to style nourishment for photographs, simply know that it will require investment to calibrate your art. Give yourself the time and opportunity to mess with the food props, adjusting and dismantling the scene until you accomplish the ideal look.

Current Food Styling Trends

The ongoing food styling pattern is something I have by and by named “a lovely wreck.” Audiences are less keen on seeing excessively styled wonderful pictures; they are more disposed to embrace blemish and really like to see a “lived-in look.” These sorts of sincere photographs will generally catch the delight of living at the time, rather than cold and unpleasant pictures.

Tablescapes are likewise particularly moving. Eating has become more about the involvement with pictures, it’s not just about the food. Capricious tablescapes portray an entire scene of loved ones get-together to hang out over a feast. Making tablescapes involves subtleties, for example, flower focal points, place settings, cloths, cutlery and tableware, dishes and, surprisingly, customized contacts, for example, informal IDs.

Components That Create a Great Foodie Photo

As I referenced before, uncommon photography is tied in with narrating with visuals. Before you start shooting photographs, stop briefly to take in the entirety of your environmental factors and search for natural visual open doors which can rouse and add to the scene you’re making.

Tracking down Inspiration

Before you start a food photoshoot, I recommend making a temperament board with persuasive pictures. Pinterest is an incredible and speedy hotspot for profoundly styled top 10 photo studio in chennai and you can without much of a stretch make a board. In your innovative strategy, you ought to involve these pictures as a beginning stage and afterward let the imagination stream from that point. You would rather not duplicate these photographs precisely, you’re vastly improved involving them as direction.

Making a Shot List

To keep you on target and to ensure you end up with every one of the necessary pictures toward the finish of your shoot, ensure you have a composed shot list. On the off chance that you’re working with a client, you ought to have a settled upon shot list before you even start arranging the photoshoot. In the event that you’re taking photographs for a brand crusade, make certain to catch clear pictures of any logos and item subtleties.


As far as I can tell as a picture taker, lighting is the one thing that will rapidly represent the moment of truth a photograph. When in doubt in photography, diffused regular lighting yields the best quality photographs since it creates negligible shaded areas and makes a “shine impact.” A decent wellspring of normal lighting will permit you to catch more subtleties and varieties, adding more interest and a better picture.

On the off chance that you’re shooting food inside a structure, ensure you’re close to an enormous window with clear glass, and you have a transparent white wrap over the window to diffuse the approaching light. For my most memorable shoddy photography studio in my kitchen, I pushed a table facing the window and I hung white bedsheets over the drapery poles. This straightforward arrangement served me well for quite a long time!

Matte Surfaces and Fabrics

While you’re setting up your foodie vignettes, you need to ensure that the level surface on which you’re putting your subject is matte. On the off chance that there’s a gleaming completion on a superficial level it will mirror the light and your food won’t pop so a lot. You maintain that any sparkle should be deliberate and part of the variety of surfaces, like coming from utensils or smooth produce. Additionally ensure that your experiences and surfaces have insignificant examples and interruptions which might actually remove the concentration from your food point of convergence.

On the off chance that you’re utilizing decorative spreads or any texture napkins, keep away from gleaming silks and glossy silks except if you are going for a specific look. Textures like cotton and material are normally matte and make an all the more even-conditioned setting.

Accurately Selecting and Styling Props

While you’re choosing props, for example, plates, materials, serving product, dinnerware and cutlery, they ought to be generally in a similar subject. Meaning relaxed or formal feasting, collectibles or present day, warm wood tones or modern metals, and so forth. Be insightful and purposeful about how you put everything out on the table and put food on a plate. Utilize negative space intentionally to make a “shortage” impact, rather than leaving huge regions unstyled and void.

Piece and Framing in Styling Foods

Large numbers of the exemplary photography sythesis runs unquestionably apply to food styling:

Continuously ensure that your points of view are straight. In food photography this could be alluding to the edges of your table.
Set up your scene in light of evenness so the picture is adjusted and the watcher’s eyes know where to rest.
Outline your shots utilizing the standard of thirds, permit the network on your camera to direct you. This procedure draws the spectator more profound into the photograph.
Use props to make driving lines which attracts the eyes towards a focal point.
There’s 12 standards of plan that can become possibly the most important factor while styling your props. The ones I will generally utilize the most in food styling are: contrast, balance, extent, redundancy, example and assortment. At the point when these components meet up they make visual interest and provide your picture with the deception of musicality and development with still articles. Utilizing odd quantities of props will in general normally keep the eye moving all through the picture, rather than resting between a significantly number of articles.
While you’re pondering the design of the last pictures, you might need to utilize diptych game plans. This is best accomplished assuming you’ve done some pre-arranging in the styling.
Utilizing Layers and Textures to Create Depth

The best foodie photos pop off the page and cause you to feel like the plate is directly before you. Making a layering impact gives the optical deception of profundity. You can accomplish this impact by stunning props of shifting levels and transparencies. By stacking objects with surfaces, for example, textures, wood props, sparkling cutlery, ceramics, glass, new spices, foods grown from the ground you can add visual layers. Ensure the attention on your camera is constantly focused on the main subject, hence marginally obscuring out any foundation props.

The Little Details Really Make a Difference

As referenced before, current well known food styling patterns consolidate components of being “scattered.” This is accomplished utilizing painstakingly positioned little subtleties, which give you a more normal look.

The following are a couple of my number one little subtleties which can go quite far:

Add a human component with hands coming into the casing and snatching a piece of food.
Catch the regular excellence of products of the soil, especially the blemishes.
New spices dispersed on a plate add a bit of vegetation and newness.
The Best Camera Lenses for Photographing Food

As far as myself might be concerned, I am faithful to Canon cameras and focal points. The body of my camera is the Canon EOS 6D, and the focal points I utilize the most are Canon EF 35mm f/1.4 and the “clever fifty” 50mm representation focal point.

One thing that might shock fledgling photographic artists is that there’s a decent opportunity that your lense will cost more than the body of your camera. The lense you use is similarly essentially as significant as the camera body, and some would contend that it’s more significant.

One basic however frequently neglected suggestion is to constantly ensure your focal point is spotless of any smircesh or particles. You may not see until you begin altering in post that there are marks in your pictures. On the off chance that you utilize your camera frequently, particularly outside in the components, try to get the inside sensor expertly cleaned consistently.

Fostering Your Esthetic for Food Styling

All in all, the most effective way to foster your art in styling is to be persistently chipping away at projects and attempting new procedures. I recommend you get some margin to test a wide range of top 10 photo studio in chennai, scenes, lighting conditions and props. After you’ve finished an extensive variety of styled content, you’ll have a thought of where your assets and valuable open doors are.

At last, make a computerized portfolio that grandstands your best work and outwardly delineates your styling perspective and tasteful.

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