Foods to Eat and Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal


Wisdom teeth removal will give you great relief from the pain and dental issues associated with it. But, to get it to heal completely and avoid any issues in the future, it is essential to follow your dentist’s advice, as well as consider choosing the right food to intake and avoid food that will hit your surgical area. “So, what are those food that I can eat and avoid?” Probably, this may be your question as of now. To help you with this, we have listed the food that you can intake and avoid after the wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne (for a few days.) Make a note of it, and do follow for the best and fast recovery.

Food To Avoid After the wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne

From the day of surgery to 4 weeks, avoid these kinds of food listed below.






6.Grains (rice, quinoa)

7.Crumbly, crunchy, or tough foods (pizza, jerky, popcorn, hamburgers, etc.)

8.Acidic, tough, or spicy foods (citrus juice, peppers)

9.peppercorns and other spices with coarse remnants

10.Hot food, and heavy to chew food.

Food to Eat After the wisdom teeth removal in Melbourne

For day one to five days – Stick to liquids and soft food listed below.


2.Banana ice cream or regular ice cream

3.Pureed or mashed vegetables (carrots, squash)

4.Seedless, pureed fruit

5.Apple sauce

6.Potatoes (mashed, sweet, or regular)




10.Broths that should be full of essential vitamins and minerals to aid recovery.

11.Blended soups, which should be easy to eat, nutrient-rich, and hydrating.

You can eat below food if you feel better


2.Instant oatmeal

3.Macaroni and cheese

4.Scrambled eggs

Things To Avoid After Wisdom Teeth Removal

1.Avoid chewing tobacco for at least a week.

2.Smoking – As the nicotine in cigarettes impedes healing and prolongs recovery time, avoid smoking for five days.

3.Using a straw and spitting will expose your bones and nerves to air, hampers healing, and causes pain. So, avoid using a straw and spitting for 3 to 5 days after surgery.


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