For The Best Roofing Contractor in Kentucky, Look No Further

Lexington Roofing and Repair is the place to call for all of your roofing needs. Whether you need a whole new roof replacement or just simple roofing repairs in Lexington, we have you covered. With well over 20 years in the roofing business as well as countless roofing repairs under our belts, no roofing company is more experienced than us.

Shop here first because we are simply the last place you’ll need to call when getting quotes and pricing for roof replacement and roof repair in Lexington, KY. Our prices are competitive and our staff is competent to get any job done no matter how steep the pitch. We’ve been covering and protecting Central Kentucky for years with our 100% money back guaranteed quality.

Lexington Roofing and Repair is one of the top roofing companies in Lexington, Kentucky. If you need a new roof installation in Lexington or you have a pre-existing roofing application that needs attention we are your go to roofing company in Kentucky. We can repair your existing roof or replace your roof to add waterproofing protection and to permanently stop leaks. Wind damage, hail damage, storm damage or just old age our team of expert roofing professionals can repair your roof and seal out the elements.

Lexington Roofing and Repair not only installs residential roofs but we are also one of the top commercial roofing contractors in Lexington, KY. Our commercial roofing company in Lexington can serve jobs as far as 100 miles away. Our roofing rates are competitive but we stand out from the competition. You’ll not find a better roofing contractor in Lexington than us. So for all of your roofing needs, give us a call or contact us and let us know how we can serve you!


Choosing the Right Roofing Contractor

Not all roofing companies in Lexington are created equal. Some are fly by night Johnny come lately roofing companies that wing their way between jobs. Lack of experience and professional roofing certification can be detrimental to the homeowner.

Be certain that the roofing contractor you hire is qualified for the type of roofing installation application for your needs. Just because that company was recommended to you from a neighbor who had a traditional roof installed last month, doesn’t mean they are certified to put a new metal roof on your home. The applications and installation methods are very different and sometimes require a specialty license to install quality roofing materials.

Beware that a cheap price on a new roof could be a red flag. You rarely find the best price on a new roof gives you the best quality. In other words, you get what you pay for and paying the cheapest price for a roof repair or replacement could cost you much more in the long run. Don’t cheap out on a cut rate roofing contractor. Hire only the best for the roof over your family’s head.

The best roofing contractors in Kentucky not only protect the homeowners from damage to their house and roof but they also protect their employees. The last kind of insurance claim you want to be filed against your homeowner’s policy is one due to someone falling from your roof.

Protective breathing masks should be worn on certain roofing removal projects. Workers should be protected from falls with the use of a harness and ropes on steeper pitched roofs as well as roofs that are more than two stores above the ground.

A legitimate roofing contractor will be bonded, licensed and insured. They will be licensed to work in the city or county in which their projects exist and should be in good standing with the local building code office.


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