For those uninitiated, the game in question was the Pro Bowl

For those uninitiated, the game in question was the Pro Bowl. The Pro Bowl takes place following the conclusion of the regular season and championship games, but ahead of the Super Bowl. It’s generally a’best of’ wrap-up to cap the year off — in which the top players, as voted for by enthusiasts, combine forces to create two’super teams’ that then battle it out for fun and also to get a special yearly name. Functionally, it’s a really canny approach to Mut 21 coins maintain the NFL on TV screens and in the public awareness from the one-week gap between the conference championships and the Super Bowl, the final match for all the marbles.

The matter is, the Pro Bowl is always just a bit of fun. No player wants to risk injury in a game that’s ultimately useless, for example — so it is easier on the heavy tackles, lighter paced and lighter hearted. That meant it wasn’t a surprise when the NFL decided to cancel the game, not wanting to risk players traveling in the center of a pandemic when their season is technically over.

The idea was simple: the Pro Bowl game could still occur, but inside Madden. They could’ve gone with a huge variety of formats, but in the end it took the form of a four-on-four battle steamed on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms. Each side was composed of a few present NFL stars who would’ve played at the actual Pro Bowl had it happened, plus some beloved veteran players and, er, Snoop Dogg. ‘Cos why not?

The end result was one of the most gloriously dumb and mmoexp mut 21 coins funny esports events I’ve ever noticed. Half these guys do not really understand how to play the game. They are muddling through, yelling to their own teammates about how they don’t know that the buttons.

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