For Your Blockchain Startup, Consider These Marketing Ideas

It can be difficult to get a blockchain company off the ground while the platform is still developing. The technology isn’t old enough to provide a large amount of historical evidence to back it up. The technologies aren’t even tangible goods for the most portion, and the infrastructure takes a significant commitment to get started. Despite these difficulties, Statist estimates that global investment on blockchain solutions would hit $11.7 billion by 2022.

The blockchain technology has the power to revolutionize the way companies work. Its main use at the moment is for banking transfers, but it has a wide range of other applications, including obtaining title deeds, validating names, certifying stock exchanges, and many more.

Your ability to accurately identify your value proposal and target demographic will determine how you build your crypto exchange marketing strategy. Here are few innovative campaign ideas for the blockchain startup.

Establish the value proposition in terms that are easy to understand. Blockchain’s value proposition is difficult to comprehend due to its sophistication and minimal real-world implementations. As a result, in order for your crypto marketing to work, you must first propose your approach and then blockchain technology. You must explain how the project differs from other projects in the market you are addressing and how it provides a superior approach to what is already available.

Make Professional And Instructional Material A Part Of The Content Plan.

A website and a business strategy are insufficient for marketing the startup. It’s important to provide content to illustrate the value idea and the advantages the startup has. There are various groups of fans in the blockchain and crypto space, ranging from newcomers to die-hards. When creating your content plan and determining where to share it, you must have these particular categories in mind.

Distribute Content Via Blockchain And Traditional Networks.

If you want your blockchain idea to really change a market, you’ll need to gain momentum in both blockchain and conventional industry community’s right from the outset. The most effective way to do this is to disseminate well-crafted material widely.

Educational content that focuses on the problem/solution rather than the blockchain technology can be shared on industry-specific platforms (healthcare, mining, fintech, education, etc.) as well as popular sites like LinkedIn, Medium, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and others.

Case Studies Are Helpful

As soon as possible, write blog posts and videos about case studies. Case studies will assist you in translating your blockchain implementation into practical applications. They can describe how the business fixed a challenge for a specific client by delivering a solution. Unlike white papers and other specialized theories, prospects will normally refer to such tales.

While blockchain is still in its early stages, it has the potential to be a game-changing technology in the long term. This creates a steep learning curve, which you can take advantage of by using case studies to discuss common business issues and remedies.


If you work for a blockchain new venture, you’re on the bleeding side of technology, which usually has its pros and cons. It’s thrilling to be a part of a rapidly changing technology with so much promise, and a large part of your plan should be to communicate that potential to the public. Far too much, I see blockchain firms focusing all of their promoting campaigns on crypto enthusiasts rather than their intended end-users.

If your item is user friendly and addresses a common problem, and you can effectively communicate this through your advertising campaign, you could play a significant role in business disruption.


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