Forex Trading Merchant Account Trade in Pace

Forex Trading Merchant Account: Trade in Pace

“Trillions of transactions”

Forex trading merchant account help merchants to receive online card transactions with ease. More than that, this account has other features too. But before that, let’s talk about foreign exchange which we call “Forex”.

Foreign Exchange (Forex)

Forex is a term we use for foreign exchange. In forex, merchants trade, buy, sell, and even speculate currencies among a lot of other merchants. The biggest advantage in forex trading is skills. Whoever is trading in it if that person can trade it at a good price and time, can earn more than the expectations.

But the chances of loss come from the same spot where the profit shows. Timing, rate, and market fluctuations control the destiny of each one of them. Even if some of them have mastered their skills, knowing when to put the money in & to pull out, matters too.

But what are those issues? Is this something related to money? Yeah, you can say that.

Forex merchants that run forex trading websites can only receive payments from traders via a merchant account. But due to their business nature, they lack support from financial institutions. Financial institutions don’t cooperate with such businesses. And that’s the reason such merchants don’t get a merchant account from financial institutions with ease.

But, not everyone is going to behave like that with them. Merchants must have heard the word PSP. PSP serves high-risk industries to help them stabilize their transactions and records. They have the experience that can save merchants from losses, and merchant services that can provide convenience.

One of the most reliable PSPs for such services right now is Highriskgateways. Let’s talk about what they can provide to you.



Highriskgateways has the Level 1 Certification of PCI DSS. And to secure the clients ‘data our whole team strictly follows the guidelines stated by PCI DSS. Protecting customers’ sensitive data is our first motto. We can’t let anyone have the chance to steal someone’s data to threaten them. Highriskgateways provides a safe working environment to merchants.

Multi-factor Authentication

See, in forex trading, speed, market fluctuation, and time matter the most. To cover up the time limitation merchant can have non-3D security. Non-3d security works before the transaction proceed further. It won’t ask for any OTP and quickly completes the transactions.

But secure transactions are a must. For that, the feature of this forex trading merchant account will work for you. And that feature is fraud prevention tools, about which you’ll read further.

Now, if you care about security that much then you can switch to 3D security. It sends an OTP just to confirm the ID of the payer. If the authenticator couldn’t match the data the transaction will be stopped on the spot, and Vice versa.

Merchant Support

Merchants will get full support from the start when they’ll apply for this merchant account. They will be able to get quick clearance on every doubt that will pop up in their minds. A schedule will not be any hurdle for them.

Apart from that, their clients can even ask for help if they face any trouble during paying their payment. Our customer support will always be ready to help merchants and their consumers. With that, our customer support is professional in handling customer disputes. So, there won’t be any unnecessary issues.


Smart Routing

During a forex trade, the transaction rates flow like a river with devastating speed. So, to match that speed, merchants would need the perfect solution for it. And this merchant account has this feature named smart routing.

There are times when the transaction rates are high and the amount to be transferred is large. At that moment, this feature eases the way for transactions to be processed without any problem. Frankly speaking, it will leave no chance where a merchant would need to worry.

Credit Card Processing

In the international market more than any other mode of transactions, cards payments are on the top of the list. With card payments, consumers get fast transactions and surprising offers too. This merchant account accepts card payments with no issues.

Apart from that, this account has the support of a powerful payment processor that can process card payments fast enough.

Alternative Modes of Payment

Though card payments are mostly preferred by clients to pay their payments, alternative modes of payments will help them more too. Won’t they be happy to get several other modes options to pay? They will be, right? So, for that, this merchant account helps the merchant to receive the transactions in several other modes of payments as well.

Some of them would be – Internet banking, Net transfer, UPI, and e-wallet. This will provide them the convenience to pay in the way they want to. Be the reason for their happiness.

Global Card Saving

Isn’t it tiring to fill in your card details every time you come back on the payment page? To resolve this matter this account offers a feature “global card saving”. This feature helps the clients to save their cards on the payment gateway that way there will be no need to fill in the details part again.

Faster Check-in

This merchant account has the feature of faster check-in. Many websites irritate the clients by putting one page after one to complete payment. To stop that scenario to happen to your clients, you can use this account’s faster check-in feature.

With the help of this merchant account, clients will have the experience of completing the whole process of payment on one page. Isn’t it commendable?

Fraud Prevention

Each time we step online, fraudsters are ready to take out whatever they have and deceive us. No! It’s not a phrase, it’s the reality. No matter how much we earn, security will always be our main concern. And online fraudsters are the first ones that would try to deceive online surfers.

This account runs several fraud prevention tools to stop the fraudsters even before they try to deceive merchants. Those tools will check whether the payer is the real cardholder or not. If the details match with the payer the transaction will get complete with no issue. Otherwise, the transaction will be stopped immediately.

Multi-Currency Transaction

Since this account is dedicated to forex merchants, it helps the merchants to receive payments in several currencies. Wherein, on the other hand, clients don’t face any problem in trading with the merchant and the process ends quickly.

Real-Time Transactions

From now on, there will be no delay in the transactions. This account with a powerful processor processes transactions at an accelerated rate, without the need to wait for a second. This not only speeds up the transaction but also provides convenience to the clients.


Finally, we have cleared everything, right? Let’s recall, whatever we have discussed. First, we got to know that what Foreign Exchange is. Then we got to know what kind of problems forex traders have to face. After that, we got to know that what benefits you can get with Highriskgateways.

Next, we got to know about the Pros of Forex Trading Merchant Account. In the last, after discussing all that, the results are that this Forex Trading Merchant Account will be the best solution for a forex merchant. Still, if you don’t see a clear sky, drop a mail and our experts will help you out.


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