Forged Rings and Forged Circles: Specifications and Applications


What is the difference between forged rings and forged circles?

Forged Rings is a manufacturing process that consists of punching a hole in a huge, solid, circular metal piece to form a donut shape, then compressing and squeezing the donut shape into a thin ring. The Forged Rings technique produces workpieces with higher densities and better synchronised grain flows.

These Forged Circles are extremely resistant to tear and wear due to their top-grade raw materials. These Duplex Steel Forged Circles are a type of pipe or plumbing fitting used to connect a section of pipe to another fitting at an angle. They are also known as “service sells” or “street ells.”

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Kanak Metal & Alloys is the country’s top forged ring manufacturer and forged circle manufacturer. We provide a great variety of forged circles and forged rings, which are quite popular with our clients. We make certain that our products are produced to exact specifications and are extremely sturdy. Our forged circles and rings are highly durable, have a low wear rate, and have a robust body that can withstand pressure and impact. We have dominated the industry as the leading forged circle supplier in India and forged ring supplier in India for many decades.

Applications of Forged Circle:

Forged circles, which come in a range of forms and sizes, are the most often used raw material by industries; these forged circles are relatively simple to install for pipe system separation for maintenance, testing, or repair of damaged lines. Our forged circle supplier offers this product in a number of excellent grades, thicknesses, lengths, and surface integrity to meet the various demands of many different industries.

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Applications of Forged Rings:

Forged rings are very strong and durable. As a result, they may be utilized for a wide range of purposes. Forged rolling rings may be used in a variety of applications ranging from pipes and valves to massive machinery and cars. Some people even make tiny products such as medical and agricultural machinery. Our forged rings supplier offers this product in a number of high grades, thicknesses, lengths, and surface polishes to meet the various demands of many different industries.

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Specification Of Forged Circle

  • Width: 3″ DIA up to 38″ DIA 1500 lbs max
  • Thickness: ½” to 12″ in thickness
  • Maximum Weight:15,000 lbs.
  • Ring :3″ DIA up to 38″ DIA 1500 lbs max
  • Cutting: Plazma & Machined Cut

Specification Of Forged Rings

  • Size: Up to 1800 OD
  • Thickness: Up to 300mm THK
  • Supply Condition: Proof Machined
  • UT: 100% Satisfactory
  • MaterialStainless Steel 303, 304/304L, 316/316L, A182 F51, DUPLEX

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