Fornite: Epic Games Rolls Out New One Shot Mode

Fortnite is well known across the globe for its distinctive battle royale style gameplay.

It has been amongst the best games for 2017 and 2018 and that too without any new map additions. Instead, Fortnite relied on generating new contents and items to keep the players interested in the game.


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Epic Games successfully decoded the formula to generate a vast active fan base and created a hardcore demand for the game amongst the players worldwide.

But this time Fortnite has thought out of the box and brought an entirely new game mode for players to intensify their gameplay.

Although previously Fortnite included an extension on their map with a sizeable snow-covered area but this new mode is really something new to the game.

With this new v7.20, Fortnite has brought a number of new items and content, but the star attraction for this update is the new One Shot mode. This new mode only provides 50 health to the players in the initial stage of the game.

The only means to increase your health in this mode is by using healing items like first aids or bandages.

Another twist in this One Shot mode is that players have to indulge in combat in low gravity which makes this mode even more challenging as enemies can jump quite high to evade the incoming bullets.

With so many conditions on hand, players can only use Hunting or Sniper Rifles to target the enemy player. But if the player succeeds in delivering even one shot at the enemy target, the elimination of that player is confirmed.

In this One Shot mode, the storm also covers the playing field at a much faster speed providing less time for players to reach the safe zone.

By such different dynamics, this One Shot mode requires quite a fast passed gameplay which requires a right amount of skill set to win the mode.

With the addition of previous Redeploy glider feature, players can counter the low gravity and land safely back to the ground, but it also makes the player vulnerable from directly becoming a clear target for rest of the enemies.

As this update also brought new Scope Revolver, it makes this mode much more fun and exciting to play as it provides extreme challenging scenarios and creates an opportunity to showcase skills of the Fortnite fans in the game. With this incredibly challenging and fun mode, retro players have received an opportunity to showcase there long learned in-game skills. Also, it provides a new dynamics and changed playing field, availing players with new opportunities and different in-game experience.

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