Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4: Destroy the Boats at Craggy Cliffs

Fortnite Season 4, week two just arrived with some new challenges. In the previous week, Fortnite launched several unique challenges, and now Epic brought the competition to a new level. In this new week, most of the missions will occur on Battle Island between the latest “Sentinel Graveyard” to the “Craggy Cliffs.”  Around these locations, players will get some unusual challenges to complete.

There’s a task in week two that asks the players to destroy the boats at Craggy Cliffs. Players can use any weapon to complete the mission, and they have to destroy a total of 8 boats. Players can complete this challenge in one round of matches or can take multiple rounds to complete. However, if a player lands on the right spot, they can possibly destroy all seven boats in one match.

Going to the Seaside

Craggy Cliffs is located on the Northern coast side of Battle Island. Like a great coastal town, there are several great boats available, but that’s not enough for every game player. In the challenge, players have to battle against opponents, survive longer, and destroy the boats. It will make things slightly worse because Craggy Cliffs is a popular area, and most of the players are aware of this site. While looking out for their backs, players have to complete the challenge as well.

The biggest collection of boats is located at the beach to the north-east side of town near the “landed Quinjet.” Outside of a storage shed, four boats will appear, and those boats need to be destroyed. Three are close to the shack among four boats, and the fourth boat is close to the shed. After destroying those boats, head towards the town to locate more boats.

Boats for Hire

In the middle of Craggy Cliffs, “Cap’n Carp” store is located. There is another collection of boats available. Two blue colors of boats are slung on the building’s western wall, and the other two boats are arranged against the north side of the wall. It is the center and the most dangerous part of the town. So when destroying the boats, be careful by the surrounding. There are several great ambush points available, so there’s the possibility of appearing enemies.

After destroying all the eight boats, the challenge will complete. If any player doesn’t get to destroy all eight boats in one match, they can destroy the left boats in another match. It is not necessary to destroy eight boats in a single match. The best suggestion for the player is to use perfect accuracy and powerful weapons to quickly destroy the boats.

Fortnite recently launched several amazing weapons in the game. Some of the weapons have incredible power and accuracy. While looking for the boats, be careful, and form a perfect formation with the team to tackle opponents. Players can also divide the team to locate the boats quickly. After completing this mission, more missions will arrive with new surprise rewards.


Destroying the boats is not a tough task, but enemies create some problems that make the situation tough. However, if a player finds the boats in some hidden location, they can complete this task quickly, without getting disturbed by enemies.

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