Fortnite: Finally the Hidden Banner Location Out For Season 8 Week 6

Epic Games have introduced some exciting challenges for Fortnite fans for the week 6 and gamers have been working hard in completing all the available tasks for this week in order to secure a Hidden Banner for week 6 in the title.

This week players have to visit 5 locations which are at highest altitude in the Fortnite map. Moreover, players also require to visit a wooden rabbit, Metal llama and Stone pig in addition to finding the location hinted by the Knife from the loading screen.

This time around developers at Epic Games have made the finding of Hidden Banner much more challenging as players really have to act like Sherlock Holmes and decode the coordinates of the mysteries location.

Surely every Fortnite fan would remember the ease of drifting directly to the Volcano mountain to locate the previous week’s Battle Stars and Hidden Banners, but players will have to look closely at the in-game loading screen to understand the mysterious coordinates directing towards this week’s Hidden Banner.

Well, the week 6 Hidden Banner was indeed hidden quite well as this time around the loading screen for the title did not feature the banner in the image instead a mysterious key was showcased which was healed by a lava demon.

Only keen-eyed players will be able to spot some tiny carved coordinates at the handle of the key. Players will be able to notice some alphanumeric text stating E2, E3, F2, and F3.

If co-relating these alphanumeric text into the in-game map coordinates then an exact location could be observed and this is the place where the week 6 Hidden Banner is indeed hidden.

The location where the coordinates mentioned above meet is somewhat like a no man’s land as there is no prominent place nearby as compared to last week’s hidden location Volcano Mountain, so players will have to reach out directly by parachuting to this location while following the coordinates.

To be more specific, players will have to land near the clear fields, North-West of Lazy Lagoon where players will be able to spot a single tree. When a gamer would get close to the tree, automatically the Hidden Banner would appear.

An important thing to remember for every Fortnite fan is to remember that close to the single tree there is an extensive wood cover, so it is essential not to get confused while trying to spot this tree.

By following the coordinates, players will be able, and they will be able to improve on their in-game tier. So make sure to complete all the season 8 challenges and events in order to receive awesome rewards and cosmetics.

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