Fortnite: How to Dodge the Attack of Sharks

Season 4 of Fortnite has brought various types of villains in the game. Recently a shark villain is in the spotlight. Some villains are easy to avoid or eliminate, but this new shark is a massive problem for the players. Even though the new shark can’t be eliminated easily, some experienced players have found a way to avoid its attack. The process of dodging sharks’ attack is nowhere easy, but if performed well, it can provide a great defense. The shark attack can happen anytime while playing on land and water, so you have to be more careful every time.

To avoid the shark attacks, players have to use a new item that was recently added with Marvel characters. Simply, players have to find the Doctor Doom first and collect their items. After defeating Doctor Doom, one of his items will help the players to avoid the shark attack.

Fortnite: How to Dodge the Attack of Sharks


Find Doctor Doom at the Domain, and he is visible through the battle bus. After landing on his location, enter the tallest building to locate the Doctor Doom. Defeating Doctor Doom will not be an easy task, but some of his items will be useful for you if you manage to defeat him. His “Arcane Gauntlet” weapon will help you fight back against the shark, but make sure to have the Mystical Bomb.

When the shark is about to attack, you simply need to activate the mystical bomb to throw away the shark. If you manage to hit the shark correctly, it will blast high in the sky and send it back into the ocean. Several weapons can be used here, but none of them compete with the mystical bomb in this situation. Players can rely on this attack, but they have to make a correct hit. The shark’s size and the mystical bomb range is huge, so it will not be a difficult task for players to make a perfect hit.

This method of avoiding the attack of sharks is very easy, and players are admiring it too. Sharks can attack any time, so this defending method will help a lot. However, it’s not a challenge from the game, but players have to deal with it properly to survive longer.


The giant shark is annoying most of the players, but players have to deal with it instead of running. If players haven’t defeated Doctor Doom, they might face some real trouble. To defeat the Doctor Doom first, and deal with the Shark easily. Fortnite is available on PS4, Xbox One, PC, Switch, and Stadia.

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