Fortnite: How to Find Crackshot’s Cabin, Workshop, and Mr Polar?

The Winter events of several games are beginning to wrap up, and thus Fortnite event is also at the end of its days. Fortnite’s event has been proved pretty beneficial for several players due to the gifts and rewards that this event has provided to the players. However, if you have missed that chance and would like to attain some more to your game, then it is still available for this week.


The challenge to locate and visit WorkshopCrackshot’s Cabin, and Mr. Polar are still on, and players can attain several rewards after accomplishing it. However, it is pretty intricate and time conceiving to complete this challenge because the locations of these things are not mentioned in the game’s map. Players cannot visit all these locations in one match, so it is suggested to accomplish this challenge by Team Rumble.

Once the player begins the Team Rumble to accomplish this process, then they can possibly visit all these locations at once to complete this challenge successfully. Below we have prepared a specific workaround that will feed the player with the location of all these things alongside ways to reach it. Make sure that you read them carefully to avail of the possible outcomes.


Once the player begins the Team Rumble, then they can visit all these locations at once, and below we have specified about the location of:

Mr Polar

Players need to head to the Northeast section of Dirty Docks to begin the process of locating Mr Polar Artisanal Ice, and once players successfully reached there, then they need to look for its sign outside a building. Players can easily locate the sign of it, and once they see the sign successfully, then they need to enter into that building to reach MR. Polar.


Players need to head to the west section of Weeping Woods and Southeast section of Holly Hedges to initiate the process of locating Workshop. Players need to locate the Workshop in both of these locations because the location of the Workshop keeps on altering. So, players need to search them in both the location.

Crackshot’s Cabin

Players need to visit the West of Center Island to locate the Crackshot’s Cabin, and they can easily found the island in the centre part of the map.

Players need to use the Team Rumble option to make this challenge convenient for them, and unlike the other challenges of Fortnite, this challenge allows the player to visit each location at once, and that is why it is best to accomplish by Team Rumble.

However, players can also accomplish this task by solo matches. All players need to do is reach one specific location, and then they need to die to reach another location, but this resort is to time conceiving than the Team Rumble, so it is highly suggested to go with the Team Rumble spec.

Those who are hearing about Team Rumble for the first time, it is the most instant and easy way to accomplish several challenges of Fortnite in a single match.


Everyone is liking Fortnite’s initiative for making their game more intriguing by the inclusion of events, and we are presuming that the new event is already on the go. Players need to accomplish the Winter challenge as fast as possible because it will be wrap after this week.

In the end, we hope that you probably find this blog useful, and in case you are new to the Fortnite, then you can be familiar with it by playing it on Switch, PC, Xbox One, and PS4.


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