Fortnite: How To Find Puzzle Piece Location For Season 8 Week 8

Epic Games have recently unveiled its new week 8 challenges for season 8 of Fortnite and fans are absolutely rushing all r to complete this new week’s challenges and quests.

One of the week 8 challenges requires players to look for seven different puzzle pieces that they have to search from the entirety of the in-game map. Gamers will have to run through all the diverse landscapes and end up collecting scattered pieces of a puzzle in order to complete this week’s challenge.

It is considered a long journey that players will have to cover in order to fulfill this task, but regular players would be able to accomplish this task with ease. Overall there are a total of sixteen pieces spread all across the map, but players will only require seven in order to complete the given challenge.

The best strategy to collect the missing pieces quickly is by using a transport means like the newly introduced Baller vehicle, but it would be quite hard to avail one during the match as other enemy squads will also be trying to avail one for themselves.

So players can also choose to directly parachute from the Battle Bus to the locations where most of the hidden pieces could be found. Although traveling is one of the problematic parts of this new challenge, but a more critical aspect of the challenge is to memorize all the locations where they can access a hidden puzzle piece.

Prominently players will be able to locate the hidden puzzle pieces at the caves and under the bridges, so a player should try to head towards the South of the season 8 Fortnite map as there are a number of caves and bridges at this location.

Gamers should focus predominantly towards the entire southern landscape and visit various caves and bridges spread across the river flow and snow area. While going through these specific locations players will be able to locate the hidden pieces and quickly enough complete one of this new week 8 challenges.

An important point to keep in consideration is that players will be able also to spot some of the missing pieces can also be found at other map locations so players can also choose to visit the Volcano Mountain or Pleasant Parks where they can see one of the hidden pieces.

Still, the best means is to visit the southern part of the map and assure to collect more than the required amount of Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces. Players will surely enjoy visiting all the caves and bridges to have a much deeper interaction within the game as players will have to revisit some of their known locations.

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