Fortnite: How To Find Season 8 Week 7 Secret Battle Star Location

Fortnite fans are ongoing with a series of new challenges for the week 7 of season 8 and this time around Epic Games are preparing to introduce a secretive Battle Star for players to grab on to in the new week 7.

Previously for week 6, players of Fortnite were required to hunt of a hidden Banner and this time around gamers have to look for the hidden Battle Pass from the in-game map to assure a level up in their current tier.

If a player has managed to accomplish all the assigned tasks for week 7, then they can make a push forward to hunt the hidden Star. As any player who has missed to complete their assigned tasks for the week will be unable to spot any hidden item, so make sure to complete season 8 challenges to make sure of availing new hidden Battle Star.

Battle Star and Hidden Banner are two prominent sources of drastically leveling up in-game tier that too without spending any extra resources, so making sure to grab these bonus rewards is quite helpful in improving the player’s stats and unlock new cosmetic items.

If a player has managed to complete all the season 8 challenges, then they can look forward to the below-mentioned means to secure a free Battle Star for themselves.

These new season players have experienced absolutely new content featuring an utterly new pirate theme, Baller vehicle, Banana wearable skin, and new locations on the map.

As all those players who managed to accomplish all the assigned task in season 8 of Fortnite will be able to access the hidden Battle Star, and the first hint of this new Star could be spotted at the newly introduced loading screen. Players will be able to locate the exclusive giant wooden rabbit statue on the screen which clearly hints that players will have to visit this giant rabbit to receive the hidden Battle Star

Regular players would quickly locate the giant rabbit statue as one of the season 8 challenges demands the gamers to visit three giant sculptures on the map, amongst which the giant wooden rabbit statue is also included.

Still, to portray a clear idea of as to where the hidden Battle Star would be located, players can refer to the below-mentioned location. The giant wooden rabbit statue is situated at the A4 quadrant which is precisely between the Haunted Hill and Snobby Shore.

As players reach out to this exact location, players will have to visit the back side of the statue where they would easily spot the hidden Battle Star for themselves and quickly improve upon their in-game tier.

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