Fortnite: How to Locate the Balls of Yard at Catty Corner

Finishing Fortnite’s weekly challenges are the best way to gain some great XP. Every week Fortnite releases new challenges for the players. In the 7th week of Season 3, Fortnite has provided a variety of cool challenges. Among several tasks, one task is to find the balls of yarn at the “Catty Corner.” Now related to the following task, some players are wondering exactly what specific location the task requires. Catty Corner is an area on the map that exists at the southeast of Lazy Lake side. To complete the challenge, it is mandatory to locate three balls of yarn at the Catty Corner.

Fortnite: How to Locate the Balls of Yard at Catty Corner


Fortnite: Balls of Yarn at Catty Corner Locations

  • Outside by the stairs at the back of the gas station.
  • Smash through the roof of Big Shots to locate the ball of yarn in the attic.It is contained in the shipping container.
  • Move upside at the back of the gas station and get into the room to locate the ball of yarn.

When a player collects three balls of yarn at the Catty Corner, they may desire to move to the northwest and pass the river to visit Fortnite’s Rapids Rest. Now, this is because there is already another weekly challenge location available. This following task location, ask to collect the Stone, which is quite close to the balls of yarn at Catty Carter.

Additionally, players can also use the nearby helicopter to gather the “Floating Rings at the Weeping Woods.” It is located on the top of trees at the east side area. For an easier process, players can also drop directly on Floating Rings during the beginning of the match.

If the fans complete the following tasks, they will earn a total of 35,000 XP, which is a standard reward. Now it’s not a small number for most of the players. Mostly weekly challenges are quite tricky. However, these unique challenges make Fortnite a unique battle royale game. Even though it’s a battle royale game, it’s completely not about killing the opponents and winning the match. Sometimes completing the weekly challenges is way more difficult than killing the opponent.

Fortnite is popular because developers are always ready to bring something new. The developers of Fortnite are always ready to offer new rewards with new challenges. It keeps the game interesting for all the players.

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