Fortnite: Locate the Steamy Shacks Floating Rings

Another week, another challenge in Fortnite season 3 has begun. In the challenge, players have to fly through floating, glowy rings at the Steamy Stacks. It’s a week 5 challenge, and there are a couple of new challenges that players are required to finish. In the challenge, players have to fly through the jars, search for chests and also catch some fishes. Apart from the following challenges, there is one more challenge which is to fly through rings at the Steamy Stacks.

Fortnite brings challenges every week and players have to complete those following challenges in the week. Every week challenges are different and sometimes can be more difficult than previous challenges. The rewards of every challenge will be provided right after completing them. These following not just increase the level of players but also keep the game interesting. Sometimes players can get new skins by completing these weekly challenges. So here is the list of current ongoing challenges that players have to complete.

Season 3 Week 5 Challenges

  • 3 Eliminations at the Retail Row
  • Land at Yacht and finish on top 25
  • Upgrade a weapon at the Salty Springs
  • Search 7 Chests at Sweaty Sands
  • Use Firefly Jar or Flare Gun at the Misty Meadows
  • Catch 5 fish at Craggy Cliffs

The final task will be to gather the floating rings at the Steamy Stacks. You can find the rings at the Stacks. After completing this challenge, you will obtain some additional XP for Season 3 Battle Pass Rewards.

Locate the Rings

Steamy Stacks is the location on the map of Fortnite, so it will make a few things easy for players. In the sky big glowy rings will be visible, these rings look the same as “Sonic” game rings, but the colour is different. In the area, there are a total of four rings where players have to go through. Players have to utilize the Steamy Stacks to fly higher in the air to gather them.

Exact Ring Locations

Earlier this month there was a similar Floating Rings challenge at the Lazy Lake and players had to grab them all to complete the challenge. The first ring was located at the southeastern part of the Steamy Stacks. Second number ring was at the northeast side of the second silo at sea, and third was at the northwest of a similar silo above the water. The fourth and final ring was floating over Steam Stacks house. To get all those rings, players have to move in the same order as mentioned above.

The challenge is quite easy for every player, but they have to move forward in the right order to collect all the rings. The rings are in neon blue colour, and it will be easy to find them. To get the big rewards, players have to complete all available challenges of week 5.

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