Fortnite: Location of Radio Station, Movie Theater & Lonely Recliner

Here is how to visit the radio station, movie theater and lonely recliner in Fortnite.

Fortnite Location of Radio Station, Movie Theater & Lonely Recliner

Fortnite is a role-playing action game that also allows you to have a mode of Battle Royale too. It is created and published by the Epic Games. In the standard mode of the game and you can go for the sightseeing of the island. It can be used to get familiar with the field or to complete any challenge or just passing the time in the game (because there is nothing good out in the real world).

All these places (movie theater, radio station, and lonely recliner) can be found in the North-East arena of Fortnite Island. If you are doing the Challenge of Cameo vs. Chic in the game, then you should not be wasting your time by spending in this section to find these locations.

Don’t worry as we have found these locations, and just by reading this article you can reach out to these locations in a minimal amount of time. All you have to do is follow the steps mentioned in the article to reach there.

Location of the Outdoor Movie Theater, Radio Station, and Lonely Recliner

Even these are the landmarks in the game, but you can’t find them very quickly. In the game, these places are not mentioned by these names, which make it harder. When you go to these locations you will find the different names in these locations:

  • Radio Station by FN Radio
  • Outdoor Movie Theater by Risky Reels
  • Lonely Recliner by Chair

If you prefer to follow the map, then you will find these names are not mentioned on the maps. Different types of code will be shown there. So you have to follow G4 for the Lonely Recliner (Chair), F2 for the Radio Station (FN Radio), E3/4 for the Outdoor Movie Theater (Risky Reels).

  • Radio Station:

You can find this place between the Craggy Cliffs and The Streamy Stacks. To reach here, you have to head in the East side of the Craggy Cliffs, in your path you will cross the manufacturing road, cross that road and keep heading in the same direction. Then you find a Hill, climb on the hill, then you will find the radio station.

  • Outdoor Movie Theater:

This place is located just north of the Central Island and west of Frenzy Farm. To reach this place, you have to head on the North-East direction from Central Island. When you are at the northeast shore from the central island Then head in the north direction; after walking some distance, you will find a place surrounded by the tree, then head to the center of this area.

  • Lonely Recliner:

This is located at the West-South of the Dirty Docks on the East side of the Map. If you are at the Dirty Docks, then you have to leave the road reaching there, and head to the West-South of the Docks (makes a complete 90-degree angle of the road reaching to the docks).

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