Fortnite Season 3: Where is Rapid Rest

Fortnite Season 3’s 7th weekly challenges have arrived, and gamers, as usual, are super-excited to complete them. Although the weekly challenges of Fortnite are always quite simple to accomplish, this week, few challenges are pretty hard for the gamers to complete. The most intricate one is the challenge that requires the gamers to collect materials at Rapid’s Rest, which is an unmarked location. Thus, it is nearly impossible for gamers to find Rapid Rest on their own. Meanwhile, in this article, we will help the players find a Rapid Rest location so that they could accomplish the challenge linked to it. Below we have provided a proper workaround to find Rapid Rest in Fortnite Season 3.

How to Find Rapid Rest in Fortnite Season 3

Gamers need to know that with this secret, they can visit Rapid Rest in no time. Players are required to peer at the world map and start looking for Lazy Lake. Now, they need to make a mark on the right side of it. Now, they need to mark the Rapid Rest location, which is based upon their assumptions. At the same time, the assumption of veteran gamers states that Rapid Rest is a small area near the river, and it has various campsites and rowboats placed on the river banks.

Now, gamers have to try to find or craft a place that matches the assumptions discussed above. Once they succeed in doing that, they have to start collecting stone materials and keep on collecting until they gather 300 stones. In addition to this, we also advise players to try accomplishing this task in Team Rumble mode because it will help them collect more materials in less time.

Besides, there are several more challenges also available in Fortnite’s 7th Weekly challenges; thus, we suggest players complete them too because there are several essential rewards linked to it. At last, players will get 15,000 XP to accomplish the mission of collecting stone materials at Rapid Rest.


Players who have been playing Fortnite for a long time must be aware of Weekly challenges and how they can complete it. However, after the arrival of Season 3, Epic Games has started raising the difficulty standards of weekly challenges. The challenge of finding materials at Rapid Rest is quite complicated because the location cannot be navigated through the world map. However, with this workaround, gamers can find the Rapid Rest with ease.

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Source: Fortnite Season 3: Where is Rapid Rest

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