Fortnite Season 3: Where is Stack Shack

Epic Games loves to surprise its gamers, those who don’t agree with this must try playing Fortnite Season 3. The game is now totally submerged in the water, thanks to Aquaman or DC Comics for it. Although it’s been almost two months since Season 3 has been released, most of the gamers are still busy exploring it.

One of those quests in this week’s challenge is to find Stack Shack in the aqua world of Fortnite. Below we have provided a proper workaround to accomplish it.

Where to Find Stack Shack in Fortnite Season 3

Gamers have to initiate the aforementioned process by visiting the western region of the map. Players will figure out that there are a series of islands located in that specific region. Gamers have to visit one of these islands that are situated in the northwest region of Holly Hedges. When players succeed in finding out the precise location of the island, then they need to land on it. Afterwards, players have to start looking for Stack Shack which is present in the center of the island. Later, they will quickly figure out the Stack Shack, thanks to a tiny area of that island. Once players have successfully reached the Stack Shack, they will have to start finding the fishing rod.

When they successfully find one, then they need to land against the Stack Shack door and start fishing. However, during the fishing course, they are supposed to grab a weapon to accomplish this mission. But, it is not guaranteed that in their first attempt, they will end up catching a weapon through fishing. Thus, players have to visit the island known as Stack Shack several times, so that at least once the weapon catching magic from the sea works. Moreover, there are several other missions also available in the weekly challenges. The gamers should go on and accomplish them too as well to attain additional rewards.


A new series of challenges have been added to Fortnite recently. These challenges contain a complex challenge that requires players to catch weapons by fishing at Stack Shack. In this article, we have provided all the requisite information to complete that mission, and we hope all the gamers who have read it will surely succeed in completing the mission.

Fortnite Season 3 can be played on Xbox Series XPS4PS5Xbox OneNintendo Switch, and PC.

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