Fortnite: Season 4 Week 3 – Locate the XP Coins

Every week Fortnite releases new tasks of locating the XP Coins. The location of XP coins changes every week. Collecting the XP Coins is a perfect way to progress the level in Fortnite. In weeks 1 & 2, the location of XP coins was at some unusual places. Now Fortnite Week 4 has arrived, and once again, players have to find XP Coins. There are a total of 10 XP Coins available on the map. Some of the XP coins are easy to find, and some are challenging.

XP Coins

Players can locate some coins simply exploring the random areas, but some XP Coins are located in hidden areas. Even though finding some XP Coins is challenging for the players. However, the excitement of earning huge amounts of XP is always high. The color of XP coins is still the same blue, purple, green, and also gold.

Find the location of XP Coins

Blue XP Coins

1. Snap the grills near the “Durrr Burger Food Truck.”

2. Snap a trash can inside of a building. Look near the metal stairs of the ground floor.

3. Snap the toilet in a blue camper at “Weeping Woods.”

Purple XP Coins

4. Look at the top side of the orange coral at the Coral Castle.

5. Check the glass in the west of the “Retail Row.”

Green XP Coins

6. Look above the table near a telescope on the southeast side of “Sweaty Sands.”

7. Beneath a house at “Rainbow Rentals” landmark.

8. On a tree at the south of “The Authority.”

9. Look at the “Zipline.”

Gold Coins

10. Snap the glass cases, south of the “Retail Row.”

Some of the coins will appear simply on the ground or some objects, but some coins are hidden in some objects. Unlike any other week, the current week is providing Gold XP Coin. Gold XP Coin offers 15000 XP, which is the highest XP among all XP Coins.

Sometimes at the exact location, XP Coins doesn’t appear, so in this situation, you just have to start breaking the nearby objects, and you’ll find your hidden XP Coin. The XP Coins collection is one of the best processes to quickly grow the experience, but if you want more, you can find more challenges at Weeping Woods. Challenges never get over in Fortnite, and that is why players are always busy with something. The task at Weeping Woods will let you earn 500 wood. Simply the challenge is worth trying because nearly, you can find your XP Coin number 3 as well. Similarly, XP Coin 5 and 10 are also located close to each other, so when you move there, try to collect both one after another.

Current weekly challenges are no less entertaining than the previous weekly challenges. By providing Iron Man and Wolverine challenges, Fortnite has offered some surprise rewards. Fans are looking forward to getting more challenges and surprises in the current week.

Season 4 is offering Silver, Gold, and Holographic skins as a reward. These skins are one of the biggest rewards of this season, but players can obtain it by earning XP. Currently, only Gold XP Coins are providing the highest XP in the game that will help the players to Silver, Gold, and Holo skins.


Fortnite’s every week is packed with new surprises and challenges. Similar to the previous weeks, the current week is also providing challenges to boost the XP. However, Fortnite does not provide Gold XP Coins every week, so if anyone is playing the XP Coins challenge, they should locate the Gold Coins on a prior basis.

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