Fortnite: Season 7 Week 10 Challenges Out, Data Miners Leak New Challenges and Quests

Epic Games is all set to introduce its new season 7 week 10 challenges for players to accomplish new tasks and events.

But as the trend continues, excited community members and the fans across the globe managed to leak all upcoming challenges for week 10 prior to its launch.

Continuing the trend, Epic Games developers have included an array of different challenges for free-to-play users and the Battle Pass players.

As the extended season 7 is approaching its end, players have turned out to be entirely speculative of season 8 as season 7 provided players with a multitude of tasks and events.

Players will have to complete the set of given challenges in order to receive awesome rewards, and battle pass players have few extra quests to accomplish to receive Battle Star which would provide extra Battle Pass points to improve players ranking.

As per the leaked reports, one of the week 10 challenges would require players to score 5 points in different shooting galleries spread across the map.

Also, another task requires players to reach out to the various outpost on the map. Still, no accurate information is available regarding the location of the outpost yet.

Week 10 is supposedly the last addition to the season 7 and players would experience a new season after this week 10. Still, week 10 is packed with formidable challenges which you can refer from the list below.

Free Challenges for Week 10

  1. Deal damage to enemies by using a Scoped Weapon.
  2. Use assault Rifle to eliminate enemies from the match.
  3. Use Chiller Grenade or Boogie Bomb in multiple matches.

Battle Pass Challenges for Fortnite Season 7 Week 10

  1. Placing a mounted turret or using a Damage Tram in multiple matches.
  2. Locating chest at Dusty Divot and Lazy Links.
  3. Visiting an Expedition Outpost in a match.
  4. Score 5 or more points by hitting the target at the Shooting Gallery.

Various Shooting Galleries are located at multiple locations like East of Wailing Woods, East of Paradise Palms and North of Retail Row.

It is still leaked information that we are counting on, so possibilities are some minor tweaks could be added to the challenges for the upcoming weekly challenges.

Still above mentioned are the known quest which will be surely included to the update. What is much more interesting to think upon is the upcoming season 8 as it is believed that the new season would bring along Earthquake and possibly provide some new features to the game with new in-game content and changed map appearance.

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