Four Aspects Used by Facebook to Measure Customer Feedback Score

Facebook is the largest social media platform in the world. Since its inception, the platform has got millions of users all around the world. Therefore, in today’s digital world, Facebook is one such social media platform that is used by businesses for marketing their products and services.

This social media platform has made it possible for businesses to reach a larger customer base across borders and time zones. But this also increased the responsibility of the platform as now it has to ensure that only authentic businesses are highlighted on the platform. To achieve this, Facebook introduced a measurement tool in 2019 known as customer feedback score Facebook.

This tool is intended to get customer feedback on the product and service that they received from a business on the platform. This feedback score decides the fate of the business on the platform. A low feedback score will get the business banned from advertising whereas a high feedback score will allow the business to advertise efficiently. But how does Facebook measure and calculate the feedback score for a business? The platform asks feedback on the following aspects:

  • Quality of the Product: The feedback asks the customer about the quality of the product they had received. Was it as promised by the business?
  • Product Received or Not? The feedback asks the customer whether they have received the product or not?
  • Customer Service: The feedback asks the customer about how satisfied they are with the customer service.
  • Delivery Speed: The feedback asks the customer whether the product was delivered on the promised date or was there any delay?

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