Four Major Indicative Signs You Need Emergency Tree Removal

If you have a garden that has a lot of big trees, shrubs and other plants, then you would agree that maintaining the garden is of the utmost importance Moreover, you would also agree that while it is great to have an amazing garden, a tree must not become the reason for property damage or personnel injury. And that’s what we are talking about in this article. Most trees can become weak due to age, disease, or pest invasion. This can make any tree a potential safety hazard and you must get emergency tree removal Atlanta service before it damages your property or a person.

There are a few indicative signs that will tell you if you need to call a tree removal service company or not. Here are a few reasons that will help you identify the need for emergency tree removal.

· If you find your tree leaning in a specific direction, then it could be a sign that the tree is damaged or diseased. This surely calls for a visit from a professional arborist and thus the removal.

· If you find that your tree has visibly damaged roots, then you must immediately call an emergency tree removal service. Damaged roots are indicative that the tree has lost structural support and can fall at any time.

· If you can see a large dead branch in the canopy of the tree, then you must call an emergency tree removal service. A dead branch can fall at anytime and cause injury.

· If a tree in your garden has a hollow trunk, it must be removed immediately. This indicates the tree has lost has structural support.

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