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I have recently got opportunities to come to NFL China internship. This opportunity is given by the player’s player’s player, and they spend my heart thinking to find a few snaps, used to enhance self, and prepare for the life after retiring. But it is really hard to say that the business, the economy, the fitness training camp is not too cold, but I will speak Chinese, and I have also been to China before, so I chose this tradition.

Beckham said: “Just as I said, everyone knows what happened on the court, everyone can see it, even Stevie Wonder can see all this. I I can’t do anything, I don’t know why, why do you always get two things, I can fix it all, I have to say, I have to defend myself, not I am complaining. ”

In 2011, the first round of the first round of the New York Giants never played a desired performance. After the end of the rookie contract, he was effective for multiple teams. He was in 2016 for Jacksonville American Tiger for 1 year, followed by 1 year contract to Chicago bears. The 2018 bear team has a contract with him for 3 years.

I will stay in China for two and a half, this time will be very busy, but I look forward to it. I want to talk about everything, witness everything, personally participate in the event. I am only afraid that time is not enough.

During 2016 to 2019, Amcamara had played 58 games, got 192 hugs, 3 times, 35 times destroyed passed. In the first two years for the bear team, he has achieved the highest professional football focused network score, but his rating last season is the third low. After the end of the season, he was cut by the bear team.

Drew Brees completed the 17-yard line with the external hand Michael Thomas in the second quarter of the fighting Eagle game, completed 6301 successfully Ball beyond Brett Favre, created new NFL records.

The legendary quarter-saving or 11 professional bowls is the highest in NFL history (66.9%). Not only that, Bris is the only four-point guard in the five-season password number of five seasons, and he has achieved this in 2008, 2011-13 and 2016.

Schneider responded when he was asked, Schneider responded: “We are only continued to talk to people. Some questions faced now & hellip; & hellip; I try to say some & hellip; & hellip; but this is the success of our success I won’t let any opportunities. ”

Of course, the footsteps of Bris Rule Alliance data records have not stopped. The next waitingplace of Bris is the total number of chromatograms of Penton Manning. Briser was just behind the third week before the game, Buris was expected to break this record in Damin in the fifth week.

In the past few years, Cal has been associated with New York giants. However, the old handsome Tom Coughlin announced this week to continue to coach the team next season. At present, there are still a multi-team’s coach position remains vacant, but there is currently no team to contact Cal.

For the 31-year-old Amcamara, join the raids who need old guards are reasonable. He quickly found that the need for the first round of Damon Arnette competition time. After Amcamara, Anet is expected to be equipped with TRY Von Mullen.

I mentioned it before, I have been China, that is still in 2009, I have temporarily closed, so I will help my church to complete the task. So I stayed in Hong Kong for cheap jerseys two years, and I worked with people there, I naturally learned their language. My Cantonese is very good, and Mandarin is also very confident. Therefore, NFL China people also feel that I am so tall and strong, and I will have a very good effect with the mother tongue and them with them.

So just the timing is appropriate, the transaction is entirely possible. But more likely to end the same as Sherman, in the sea eagle. Although several players think that the team will rebuild the defensive group in the snap-in period, it is necessary to consider more than a player who harvested 8.5 killings and 40-time race last season.

Schneider said that he did not intend to use the privilege label for the defensive cuthardson, Safety Wei Homas, who expressed the continuation problem when the professional bowl was interviewed. money. The health problems of CLIFF Avril and Kam Chancellor are still out of date.

I am very excited. The flight attendants on the flight are Shanghai people, one of which saw my radar clothes, came over to me. I explained to him my arrangement, so he asked me that I haven’t come to the mainland. We conducted a pleasant conversation, the little buddy is very good, he said that this trip will be exciting, I also hope.

Haiying general manager may change the open attitude towards the big list
One year ago, the Haiying player involved in the trading rumors vortex center was Richard Sherman. This year, it is about to leave, and it is Michael Bennett.

“There is no time at this time, you know what I mean & hellip; & hellip; last season’s results make us very disappointed, 9-7 record is very embarrassed, I will always think about” If you can win two games & hellip; & hellip; & rsquo ;. This worries will disturb your mood, but at the same time, you will also let you take the courage to continue to face the challenge. “

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