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Walsh said: “I did not bring victory for the team, which makes everyone very hurt.” Walsh actually doing good enough, it is after he has completed 47 yards, 43 yards and 22 yards of shot, to help the Vikings to maintain once 9 points advantage. At the same time, Jeff punt hand – Locke (Jeff Locke) put the ball has also been criticized. He placed the ball outside the line, which affects the kicker shot to some extent.

The proximal Zach Ertz is determined to play. Although the injuries reported on Thursday showed that his legs were injured, Pederson believes that this will not affect him attending the game. Ejs currently completed 43 battles, acquired 528 yards and 6 reaches, and the team first.

Former wholesale nfl jerseys kicker Jay – Felli (Jay Feely) said: “Even a short-range shot, the ball line will still be affected Locke and Walsh should bear equally important responsibility..” Relevant sources, after the game Walsh quiet tears alone in the locker room, the mood close to collapse. I hope the best kicker can perk.

Baltimo Crow announced that the retired ceremony of Ridders will be held on Thursday. The previous Rid was announced on April 1st to declined, but soon clarified that this is April Fool’s Day joke and deleted this tweet.

But for the underlying fans, their fares remain unchanged, and your pay will remain unchanged for closer distance. With the adjustment of the fare Brown, it has become one of the two two teams with the union fare.

In the first half of the third section, Houston has won the 3rd killing of this game, and the total number of murder this season reached 21 times. And his 21-time killing is also the 4th historic history of Chris Doleman and Reggie White, but 22.5 Union than Michael Strahan. The record is also 1.5 times.

Cleveland Brown fare after the season

Cleveland Brown’s fans had to accept 1 wins and 15 losses in the 2016 season. However, there seems to be many dawn, first of all the teams, and the fare of the team is lowered.

Reed last season did not find a job in NFL, so read this post from news is not surprising. However, the crow and Rid decided to announce his decommissioning decision to choose the correct choice for both parties. Despite the short-lived Houston Texas and New York jet in the 2013 season, he mainly remembered because of the 11 seasons for the crow.

The team spokesman said: “We are very grateful to the enthusiasm and support from the fans, and this point is time to adjust our fare. We have greatly downward fare, because this is the most favorable thing for fans. “

The old eagle is close to the front of the House, and the Agay is out of date.

The eagle offensive group ushered in the new face & mdash; & mdash; Qi Dolphin Runjie-Agauji (Jay Ajayi), but he will fight the Sunday competition or a problem.

Reed with the crow, I won the super bowl title in 2004, in 2004, he was elected as an annual best defensive player. In addition, he used three single-season cranes to lead the whole alliance and the number of players who have obtained a copy of the copy from history. . One day he may occupy a place in the famous Hall.

Before the crow star safety Wei Dawn announced retirement

Ed Reed officially announced retirement. He once selected a professional bowl, eight-degree selected, the best lineup, is one of the best security guards in this generation.

The Captor will designate two referee group members to check the game with the game to ensure that these balls meet the requirements. The previous thing was completed by the Board. The result of the air pressure inspection of the game will be stored for the first time. Compliance with standards (12.5-13.5 pounds / square inches) will be allowed to be used for competitions, without standards will be adjusted to 13.0 lbs / square inches. When resting in the midfield, the two teams will be checked once and record the results. The game that is checked will be kept in the game and no longer used in the game, and the spare ball will be used in the second half.

Walsh: I missed a shot full responsibility

Minnesota Vikings kicker Blair – Walsh (Blair Walsh) in the final moments missed a free kick 27 yards lore, the team eventually lost to the Seattle Seahawks to 9-10. The shot has not been interrupted opponents, the Vikings because of their own mistakes missed the best chance for promotion. Walsh’s performance in 1998 and also – Gary Anderson (Gary Anderson) that mistakes in the National League finals together.

Last season, NFL hired a special person in each game to take a ball with 6 games for playing. Now, the staff who served as this position will take the ball in 10 minutes before the referee measurement, 10 minutes before the ball. Subsequently, he will have a member of a referee group and a security representative to bring the ball to the playback console on the field. After arriving at the console, the game will be distributed to the competition team responsible for the game with the ball in the event of the competition. The spare ball will be kept in the referee dressing room until there is a need.

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